Roi-Et..The Place of More Than a Hundred Happiness

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         Today “Mr.Sukjai” will lead your tour L. A  You can drive there and don’t have to apply for a visa. The a province in isan or northeast of Thailand and the name of the province is Roi-Et.It has a long history of more than 200 years. The former name of the city in the old time was “Saket Nakhon”.The city was prosperous and diversified in fine arts and cultures. These resulted in the beauty of temples and other tourist attractions.

Phra Maha Jedi Chaimongkon

Phra Maha Jedi Chaimongkon

         “Roi-Et” is a small city, smaller than its neighboring cities—Khon Kaen and Udon Thani.In the past 3-4 years, the city became more important because of its economic growth. Many investors came to start their business in the area. Building and construction business is soaring and relating business, construction material suppliers such as Thai Watsadu, Siam Global House, Home Mart or local suppliers are putting their flags in the area.

Huay Pung Yai Reservior

Pha Mok Miwy

          For those who are looking for a place to build a new house or a second house, Roi-Et is an alternative choice. The way of life there is quiet and simple. The city is located in the middle of northeastern region so it is convenient to travel to nearby cities or neighboring countries.There are also department store such as Robinson, BIG C, Makro, Lotus etc.

Photo : Community in Laos

Photo : Community in Vietnam

          Roi-Et is also a fertile land good for agriculture. It is the main location of the plantation of the famous “Hom Mali” rice from Thung-Kula-Rong-Hai. It is hoped that the city will be the center of production and sale of the rice to the global market.



Photo : Thung-Kula-Rong -Hai (


          Come back to follow part 2 of the “Don’t Miss” tourist attractions in Roi-Et, the place where happiness is more than one hundred.