Roi-Et Part 2

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          The place that shows the identity of Roi-Et is Bueng Plan Chai. It is an island in a big lake in the center of the city-a relaxing place of the people in Roi-Et. If those who come to Roi-Et miss the place, it seems like you don’t reach the city.

Photo : Bueng Plan Chai

          Bueng Plan Chai is also the place where the shrine of the city god is located. Visit and pay homage to him for your sake and well -being. Not far from the shrine is the “Saket Nakhon Gate,” the nice place to take photos to show that you really arrive the city.


The Shrine of the city-god (mthai)

The monument  (mthai)

City Gate  (mthai)

          Then move to Wat Phanamthip Thepprasitwanaram or Wat Pha Nam Yoi-Pha Nam Thip—Buddhism park where Chedi Chaimongkhon is situated. The Chedi is the largest in Thailand designed by Fine Arts Department. The magnificent white big beautiful Chedi has six floors and on the sixth floor the relics is placed.

          There is a place in the temple where the water is falling from the eave. It is believed that drinking the water can cure the illness.


Phra Chedi Chaimongkon Wat Namthip Thepprasit Wanaram

          We next visit Wat Pa Kung, the highlight of the city. The sculptures here tell the story of Buddha’s biography. Those who come here have to pay homage to Phra Maha Chedi Trai Buddho or Thailand Buro Buddho. It is a seven floors, octagon shape surrounded by108 Buddha images from Indonesia. Inside the Chedi the relics brought from India is placed for the people from any places to come to pay homage.


Wat Pa Kung - Borom Buddho phto (

          And Ku Ka Sing, a Khmer architectural, large archaeological site, one of the important tourist attractions in the northeastern part of Thailand.

Chedi Mahamongkhon Bua (


          What were cited are the only parts of the charming of Roi-Et. Now you can see how the simplicity of life is here in the city. If I have to rank the city, I will place the highest. The economy of the city is now growing and the nature is good for relaxing. It is one of the nice cities to live in.