Ubon Ratchathani: the Land of Lotus and Two-Color River (EP1)

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       Hello back again with us, ‘Nai Sukjai.’ This time we are taking you to a province in the lower northeastern region, “Ubon Ratchathani,” the land of lotus and two-color River which borders Laos.


       Ubon Ratchathani or Ubon for short is a large province in the lower part of the northeastern region. In the past, it was combined with Yasothorn province before it was separated in 1972. Ubon has dazzling geographical features as it is a province where the northeastern region’s key rivers including Mekong, Chi and Moon rivers are merged. Significantly, there are intricate mountains which border between Ubon Ratchathani, Laos and Cambodia. The province’s culture and tradition is as attractive as other provinces.



       As a large city and a trade border province, Ubon Ratchathani is attractive and livable. It is convenient to travel by car, train, plane or even bus. It is no surprise if we are telling that Ubon Ratchathani is among the top 5 with the highest population in the country (excluding Bangkok). The population growth also drives housing demand in the province. For anyone wanting to have a self-built home in a good location in the northeastern province, we recommend Ubon Ratchathani both for own residence and as a resort home. It is also fortunate for people in Ubon Ratchathani to have a professional homebuilder in the province as an alternative for everyone to have a quality home on their own needs.


       Ubon Ratchathani also has many attractions including arts, cultures and traditions. The most wonderful is the Candle Festival set annually on the full moon of the eighth lunar month which always impresses both Thai and foreign tourists. Those not to miss are tourist attractions as many of them are in the unseen category. Follow us in the next episode to know what they are.