Visit Song Khwae City.. Phiysanulok (Part I)

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    “Mr.Sukjai” comes back as usual and will bring new stories to the audiences. “Mr.Sukjai” will introduce province that worth visiting Get ready and follow me.

“The marvelous Buddha Chinnarat, the birthplace of King Naresuan the Great, Houseboats on the two banks of the Nan, delicious dried bananas, enchanting caves and waterfalls.”

      Though the provincial slogan is rather short, it perfectly represents the story of the province. Guess what the province is?. If you can’t, I will give the answer—“Phitsanulok”.


            Many people cannot imagine what the outstanding feature of the city is?. But if I say “Phra Buddha Cinnarat”, I am sure everyone will yell ‘YES’, that’s right!. Phitsanulok is a province in the upper central and south north of the country and borders Xayaburi province of Laos. The city has a long and interesting history. It was an old city since the Khmer empire which was called then “Song Khwae” city because it sit between the two river—the Nan and the Khwae Noi. The place now houses Wat Chulamani.


      In the reign of Ayutthaya “Phitsanulok was important in many aspects-- political, strategy, economic, religion, fine art and culture. It was the capital city in the reign of King Borommalokanat and then in Thonburi regime it was the base of the battle with Burmese. When the Burmese troop led by Maha Thiha Thura, the suprene commander, attacked the city. In Rattanakosin era, the fifth King of the Kingdom, King Chula Longkorn, managed Phitsanulok to be the main city of Phitsanulok Precinct. After the Precinct Administration was over, Phitsanulok was set to be a province up to now.


      แThough Phitsanulok has changed a lot from the old time but the charming of the old city can still be seen. The city is now a nice place to live because every aspects of modernity are developed. Life is more convenient here with modern department stores, educational institutions, hospitals, and housing development projects. There is also a professional home builder company in the province which provides their services to the customers in Phitsanulok and nearby provinces. The service of the company will upgrade the quality of residential building to higher standard. They use environmentally friendly materials to respond to the needs of the customers which is well accepted and increased every year.



      Phitsanulok has a long history and is charming in very aspects. It is now a nice city to live in. The story of Phitsanulok doesn’t come to an end here but “Mr.Sukjai” will lead you to visit many tourist attractions. Don’t miss it.
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