How To : 10 questions to be Answered by Those Who Want to Build a House!

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       If you want to build a house on your plot of land, many things should be considered because you have to spend almost all of your savings or you have to be in debt for a long time in the future.We have to think of what we will do, what to be got ready, how or make a decision so you will get the house you expected.To build a house is not easy but it is not too difficult.

       We are sure that nobody wants to make a wrong decision.It is so bad if we want to build a house but we get some misery or painful problems.Now we have 10 questions to ask you.You have to think, to consider before making a decision to choose who will be your builder.


       1. How much is your planned budget? When you plan to build a house, you have to set your budget. You have to know exactly how much of your saving you can spend, or how much you can get a housing loan. You then can hire an architect to design your house or look for a design from home builder company. You also have to reserve about 5-10% for related expenses such as design fee, interior decoration design fee, infrastructure water and electricity), construction permit fee and other expenses. The planned budget should be in accordance with your needs.


       2. Is there enough information of the builder? Which is better, a contractor or a home builder company? This is the important step of building a house. You should consider and compare all the information you got. You have to check the information of the contractor or the builder company you plan to choose as your builder. Are they reliable? Do they have a permanent office and good reputation? If the information is not clear enough, let them go. The unclear information cannot assure that they can complete the job perfectly. You had better compare the data about the step of construction, the management, the materials used items by items. Don’t choose the builder because of 20-30% discount or sales promotion. Ask for a visit to the work site both under construction and completed ones. What is included and what is not in the cost of construction?

       3. Is the house design suit for your needs and the land you have? When you set a budget and get a builder, you have to consider the design if the functions, the style respond to the needs of the family members. Is there any extra expense for additional drawing? If you choose a small contactor you might have to pay for additional drawing and have to wait and see whether the result will come out as expected. If you choose a big contractor or a home builder company, no extra cost occurs because you choose the design that is already done. The design chosen is close to your needs and only some minor changes are needed. The most important thing is the design must be in accordance with the imposed law and regulation. 

       4. Do you thoroughly review the document/construction contract before signing? Prior to starting the construction the construction contract should be made. The contract is an agreement and can be a documentary evidence regardless the builder is a contractor or a builder company. You should avoid verbal contract in all cases. Details of home construction should be clearly agreed from the beginning. For example, duration of construction, stages of construction, conditions and terms of payment, materials used, warranty and fine of delayed work(if any) should be specified. The contract should be thoroughly read and signed by both parties to prevent the conflict that will follow.

       5. Are the materials used the same as specified? When the construction begins, check the materials if they are the same as specified in the contract. You can learn this when you visit the work site of your builder. If the builder denies your visit, it can be assumed that They are not reliable. Please be informed that “Nothing is cheap and good, only good and reasonable.” The cost should not be too high or too low. You can compare the material cost and labor cost of the house whether they are worthwhile. The materials used should be high standard because they will be with you for a long time.


       6. Do you understand the process and stages of construction? You should study and understand what is specified in the contract/When the construction begins you check with the contract if they are on the same page. For example, if the 3rd stage in the contract said that the payment of 20% will be paid due to the completion of the roofing, plumbing and plastering, you must check the quality of the work before making the payment. If the work is not completed or you are not satisfied with the quality of work, you don’t have to pay. If the payment is easily made regardless of the completion of work, some builders (only some) will take your money and leave the work unfinished. You can also hire a home builder company to check for you and you pay them. If the builder cannot complete the work on time as specified in the contract, the builder will pay the fine as defined in the contract.


       7. Do you need a consultant? Most of the owners know not much about construction and construction materials so the builders can take advantage over them on the matter. If you are concerned about this, you have to find a reliable consultant to help you. He can be an engineer, an experienced technician and expertise in home building. You can also hire a home builder company to give you advice on the construction. You can search for the information in the internet, ask the manufacturers, or ask the builder company to give you details and steps of construction.


       8.What types of payment you will make, cash or housing loan? This is also said in the contract. If paid by cash, the payment is made in accordance with the progress of the construction after the work in each stage is completed.(pay in percentage defined in the contract).If you apply for a housing loan, you can deal directly with the bank together with needed documents. It is more convenient if you have a reliable home builder build your house, they will coordinate the housing loan for you and the bank will pay directly to the builder. You don’t have to make the advance payment.

       9. What are pre and post- sale service provided? This is an option.A reliable contractor or home builder company will provide pre and post- sale service. The services include coordinating with government office concern, giving advice, applying for construction permit, applying for housing loan, applying for water and electricity, warranty/maintenance etc. This is to provide conveniences for the owner and to assure that the builder will take care of the house after it is handed over to the owner.

       10.Do they have warranty, for how long? A reliable contractor or builder company will provide warranty for the building. The warranty will vary from different builders. Generally, the warranty will be classified into structure and general work and the scope of the warranty will be included in the contract. For example,2 years general warranty is on the crack on the wall, peeling of the paint, roof leakage. In the course of 2 years, if there is a defect in any kind of work stated above, the owner can call the builder to fix. This is one of the advantages of the reliable builder you should pay attention on.

       Our advice here for those who are going to build a house is that you had better choose a big contractor or a home builder company to build your house.They must have good reputation, permanent office, can be easily accessed and the work site can be visited to assure that they did good quality jobs and able to complete the construction.They don’t leave the work unfinished so you will get the house as expected because a house is a place of happiness for family members.