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01 Feb2017

!st Quarter Big Home Builder Strike Hard : PD House Shows Adornment Booth In THBF 2017

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          At the beginning of the Year of the Cock, a group of home builder companies start event marketing with full promotion, give away gold, iPhone, eligible for car’ big bike and 15%cash discount. This reflects a high competition in home builder market from the first quarter. PD House joins the event in The Home and Material Fair 2016 with 400sq.m.booth and aims to get total sale 300 million baht.
​          Due to the home builder market recession in 2016, the small and medium home builders faced with decrease sale amount. The leaders in the business went through the crisis b experiences and financial strength and hope to begin a new competition in the coming year. Last year, the competition was high especially those who emphasize on Bangkok and perimeter market. They gave big discount 15-30% to attract the customers which made the customers think hard whether’ price’ or ‘quality ’they will choose because both always go into the opposite direction.
​          However, there was a doubt from the customers that home builder business gets high profit so they can give big discount or they set a unreasonable high price to spare for a big discount in the promotion later.
​          “In the beginning of the Year of the Cock, the competition in home builder marketing is still high. The pioneer in home builder business known as “ Benevolent Big Brother” releases to the press that they spend 50 million baht on advertising, emphasize on online media to attract young generation customers. They also hold exhibition in the department stores ahead of the competitors and set total sale amount 10% higher in 2016.The other entrepreneur with a slogan” build with no sub-contractor” involves in price battle by giving 15% discount(under the condition include interior decoration) via social media aiming to penetrate the 20 million and up market. The owner of the slogan “Build for the Future” or PD House Home Builder Center who has offices all over the country gets ready for the Year of the Cock by event marketing to communicate brand image to be memorized by the customers”.
​          Mr.Pisan Thammawiset, vice president  of PD House Corporation or PD House Home Builder Center disclosed that the trend of home builder market on the year 2017 is still settled. This causes some of small and medium entrepreneurs have to quit the business because the purchasing power of the consumers still collapse so they cannot compete with the leaders. The whole image of the competition this year is still high among a few leading companies. For PD House, this year we will emphasize on communicating with the consumers via multiple channels including digital TV., social media, newspapers, magazines and events. The target customers of PD House are those with high education who take many kinds of media and search for the information before making decision.
​          The marketing activities this year begins with event marketing by joining “Thailand Home &Building Material Fair 2017” held by Thai Home Builder Association and Home& Resort Magazine. The purpose of joining the Fair is to meet with the target customers and communicate brand image of PD House to the customers. The company hopes that it will result in public relations and sale amount. Last year the company got around 300 million baht and this year the sale amount was set at 300 million baht,15% higher from the previous year.
​          The promotion prepared under the campaign “PD House Big Provide Big Give Away” includes golden Ang Poa, cash discount,iPhone7 and the customers are eligible to get bigbike, Nissan March. The booth of the company covers the 400sq.m.area, decorated under fantasy theme as specified by the organizer. Furthermore, there is a sample house showing in the Fair for the customers to feel the strength and the beauty before making a decision to build a house with the company.