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01 Mar2017

‘House Structure’ Which One Is Better

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           Those who are searching for information about home building, especially home structure==column, beam and reinforced concrete floor—should be known that nowadays the entrepreneurs or home builders give them choices for these. Basically, they are “Prefabrication Structure” and “Cast=in place” structure.

           For “Prefabrication Structure” the writer mans the structures which are made in the factory and assembled at the work site. “Cast-in-place” structure is the structure that is made at the work site.This is generally seen everywhere.

           If you have an experience talking with the salesperson of the home builder company, you may have been informed that prefabrication structure has some disadvantages and I believe that you tend to believe the words if you have never had any information before.

           The main reason the prefabrication structure is to be blamed because most of the home builders,90 percent of them, use cast-in-place structure. Only a little number of home builders use prefabrication structure. So it is usually asked if the prefabrication structure is better, why most of home builders don’t use it. The answers are 1)View point and vision of the entrepreneurs and 2) the limitations which can be explained as follows.

  1. View point and vision of the entrepreneurs. To cite some examples here, most of home builders perceive that prefabrication structure has a higher production cost. (The holistic production is not considered.) The other reason is most of home builders get used to traditional construction method and are not ready for new technology which can solve laboring problems they face continuously. The last reason is they believe that the consumers don’t accept prefabrication structure.
  2. The limitations. Firstly, The investment to made prefabrication structure cost a lot of money which home builder ,mostly are SMEs, cannot afford. The other limitation is if the work site is very far away from the factory, the cost of transportation is high and this will bring the cost of construction higher so they cannot compete in price with their competitors.

           These are the answers why only a few of home builders choose prefabrication structure. Whatever they use,  prefabrication or cast-in-place. doesn’t matter. Also no problems whatever the consumers choose if they get the professional builder who has enough experience and ready to build and hand over a quality house to the consumers. I talk about this here because I want to assure that “Prefabrication Structure” and Cast-in –Place Structure” is not different in strength.

           However, the fabrication structure also has some disadvantages. It needs larger space for assembling because parts of the structure such as beams and columns are big so heavy machine is needed.The other problem is transportation so the road to access the work site must be wide enough for big trucks.

           For the past 10 years,it is found that the market share of the builders who use “Prefabrication Structure” grew higher than of those build by “Cast-in Place Structure.”This is a critical remark both consumers and entrepreneurs should bear in mind to forecast the trend in the future. I still not introduce “Steel House” ,another construction system which can be built quickly, light weight and easily for transportation and is not different in strength.

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