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08 Jan2018

Home Builder Market in the Year of the Dog is Bustling. PD House Aims to Get 1.2 Billion

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          Home builder market in the first quarter of 2018 recovers,  the entrepreneurs get ready to push the market bustlingly and also aim to move on online market to reach the prospects. PD House wailed that last year they failed to reach the sales target because of economic situation and high competition. In the year 2018 they set sales target 1.2 billion baht and open more offices together with develop IT operation system to put more potentiality on competition. They disclosed that they get ready to push online market in the first quarter and also participate in Home and Building Materials Online Fair 2018.

          Mr.Pisan Thammawiset, the manager of PD House International Co., Ltd,-- the owner and right administrator of PD House Home Builder franchise—disclosed that the needs for the new house of the consumers by the end of the year2017 was active. This will affect the market in the first quarter of the year 2018 both on consumers’ decision and the expansion of market value. The entrepreneurs in home builder business began to move and push the market in this year. Formerly, the entrepreneurs communicate with the consumers through offline channel and printed matter but it is forecasted that there will be a significant change this year. They will communicate mainly on online me and social media.


          For PD House Home Builder center, they accepted that they were affected by economic situation and flood in many provinces last year. There were also cut price competition among small entrepreneurs, especially upcountry. This resulted in the failure of sales target last year. In the year 2018,the company focuses on communicating with prospects and tries to avoid competing on price but emphasizes on quality and differentiate service. The strength of the company is energy saving and environmentally friendly home. At the same time, they will open new offices after slow down for the past few years. They will invest by themselves and buy the right back from some franchisees to push the market in some potential provinces. The sales target was set at 1.2 billion baht this year..



        “The sales target is somewhat low when considering the nearly offices of PD House all over the country or compare with the competitors who have not many offices but set the sales target close to them. They said they don’t want to set high sales target because it will be a pressure on them because things including economic situation, confident and purchasing power become better. There will be some improvement in internal organization both personnel and IT system operation to provide good service and same standard to cope with the life style of Thailand 4.0 era, Mr.Pisan added.”


        The marketing  activities in the first quarter of this year is to get ready for online event or HBO Fair 2018 held by Thai Home Builder Association. This is a new online activity of home builder business which can communicate with a wide range of customers especially for PD House Home Builder center whose offices are both in Bangkok and upcountry.