Franchisee is not only an investor but also the owner of the business. The company will be a consultant and give advice on management in the beginning until the franchisees get ready to manage themselves.

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Phase 2 Training at the franchisee office. It is an in service training by PD House staff to help franchisee at the beginning of the business. Information technology system are set up for communication both within and between organizations. This will reduce the expenses of the franchisees.


Markting and Promotion Programs

PD House realizes that the brand is an important factor for customers to make their decisions so PD House sets a policy to build brand awareness continuously. We are ready to help Franchisees to set strategies and marketing plan and public relations as follow.

  • Marketing Activities Marketing division of PD House will plan the budget used for public relation for gaining market shares. The identity of the organization will be promoted and campaign for sales amount will also be done. Moreover, marketing division of PD House will help franchisees to do marketing activities in their service areas.
  • Marketing Support PD House will develop media and strategies for advertising to benefit franchisees and will conduct sales promotions. The right to use any media for advertising is reserved for PD HOUSE.้

Franchise Business Opportunities

Return for franchisees

Good return for investing within a short time.
Franchisees are not only investors but also the owners of the business .PD House will do a consultancy work and look after the management and return at the beginning and let the franchisees do their own when they are ready.

Franchise Qualification

  • Good attitude for success.
  • Follow the franchise regulation and can respond to the customers' needs.
  • Excellent interpersonal skill.
  • Have ethics in work and treat customers with respect and trust.
  • Love of service and high compromise skill.
  • Should be in manufacturer, suppliers or construction business.
  • High skill in sales or work in engineering field or property sales.

Estimated Investment Information

Approximate budget(included franchise fee) 2.5 million Baht (depend on the size of the office) X%
royalty fee from total sales amount.
marketing fee from total sales amount.
Duration of contract 15 years.(5+5+5 years)