How to Apply

Investors who are interested in doing business with PD HOUSE HOME BUILDER CENTER, the steps for application are as follow.

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Steps For Franchise Application

PD House wants each franchisee to run the fulltime business to be aware of the ownership and for the success of the business. Franchisee can assign the manager to control the operation and they also get the right to extend their business if they are ready to do so. The steps to apply for franchise are as follow.


Marketing and Promotion Programs

Step 1
Complete franchise application form
Complete franchise application form and send to the manager of franchise business development division.
Step 2
Franchise initial meeting
Franchise Initial meeting. The preliminary qualification of the applicant will be considered and the appointment will be made for the interview. 
Step 3
Financial verification
Financial Verification. If the preliminary qualification meets the standard required,PD House will provide details of the business.
Step 4
Franchise Agreement
Franchise agreement is signed.
Step 5
Training Program
Training Program. PD House will provide training course for franchisee staff.
Step 6
Branch set up and opening
Branch Set up and Operating. The office then will be set up and decorated ready to operate. PD House will send a staff to coach for 14 days from the beginning of the operation.

PD House welcomes all the customers in. Please fill in the table, contact us so that we can collect data And get back in. Thanks to all customers.