We understand the important factors of success in homebuilder business so we developed the factors and ready to support our franchisees so the franchisees will get the standard and supporting from our staff.

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Franchisee will get advantage from standard business system and will be supported by PD staff as follow. House

  • The right to use name, form, logo of PD House which are well known to the customers.
  • Know How transferred and knowledge in business management.
  • Supporting of suppliers recruitment and representative recruitment
  • Supporting of counseling in house design, office decoration and service standard.
  • Training the employees for franchisees.

PD House realizes the factors for business success so the investors will be supported as follow.

  • Know How. The knowledge of business management will be transferred to the investors by experienced staff of PD House. The body of knowledge, the expertise in construction and management for success will also be transferred through the standard process.
  • Design Center. Design Center will take responsibility for adjusting designs for franchisees. This will reduce the expense of the franchisees. Design Center will also create new designs to catch up with modern trends.
  • Competitive Cost. PD House has experiences in construction business and has many business alliances especially materials suppliers so the franchisees can buy materials in lower price. This will enable franchisees to compete with the competitors in construction business.

Supporting Programs

PD House will support and look after the office of franchisee and will also provide the following supports

  • Field Support. Provide training continuously and other supports to make the franchisees success and reach their goals.
  • Purchasing. PD House and the chain companies will negotiate with the suppliers in the name of franchisees to get the lower price.
  • Account/Audit. PD helps and gives advice and audit for finance, accounting, planning for income and expense and taxing system.
  • Business Support. PD will plan and coordinate for every aspect such as training, purchasing ,marketing to make franchisees reach their goals.
  • Technical Support. PD will do research and development for franchisees operation and give advice on techniques for operating office works.

Training Program

PD House staff will provide fundamental helps as follow

Phase 1 Training at the franchisor office.

The topics are on business management, marketing and sales, and the operation within the office and related works.

Phase 2 Training at the franchisee office.

It is an in service training by PD House staff to help franchisee at the beginning of the business. Information technology system are set up for communication both within and between organizations. This will reduce the expenses of the franchisees.