PD House committed to dynamically develop our potentials.



“We build the same standard house all over Thailand
and our customers can access us with ease and convenience.”
  • 2014 - PresentPathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    PD House Home Builder Center continued to expand the business. It was aimed to have 50 offices all over the country to serve the growing demands of the consumers. PD House also set up AQ Home brand to provide services to the consumers who want a house with the cost of construction less than 3 million baht.AQ Home also provide a service for building an apartment for those who want to put a value added on their plot of land.

    With a differentiate concept and dare to do and continually develop the business, the business under PD House brand is now the leader in home builder business. We are also accepted among the entrepreneurs and the consumers. We promise that we will keep the trust we were given and will go on as our slogan stated “Build For The Future.”

  • 2009 - 2013Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    The executives and PD House staff had tried hard to develop potentiality of the organization. We originated a new idea to improve new home builder entrepreneurs to reach the same standard as the experienced ones by transferring know how and supporting the operation be mean of home builder franchise. This will help push home builder business to be well know and accepted by consumers all over the country under the brand “PD House” or PD Home Builder Center.”

    In the year 2009,Patum Design Develop Co., Ltd. set up PD House Corporation Co., Ltd. to manage PD House franchise business. Sraburi office was the first office to be the model of PD House franchisee. The business then was expanded and we had more than 30 offices in 2013 in every region of the country.

  • 2007 - 2008Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    in the year 2007-2008 After the company had hired a team of experts surveyed and researched the holistic image of home builder business and brands impressed the consumers, it was found that the image of home builder business must be made known to the public and the brands must be made easily memorized.This caused the initiation of founding Home Builder Assosiation and Patum Design was rebranded to PD HOUSE Home Builder Center under the concept “Build For The Future”. We keep walking to the goal we set to be a professional home builder. In 2007,we opned 3 new branches to serve our customers both in Bangkok and up country. We opened the branches at Khon Kaen,Nakorn Pathom and Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.In 2008,three new branches were opened in Nonthaburi,Prachuabkirikhan(Hua Hin) and Rayong. PD HOUSE have now 11 branches both in Banghoh and up country to cover the service area of more than 40 provinces all over the country.All worked with the same standard...professional.

    PD staff go on developing our potential to push PD HOUSE HOME BUILDER CENTER to extend 50 offices in 50 provinces within 5 years. We aim to be the leader in home builder business and raise the standard of home builder business and entrepreneurs.

    In the year 2009 PD HOUSE HOME BUILDER CENTER FRANCHISE was first initiated in Thailand under the polity of the company stated above which is the new phenomenon in home builder business. The consumers will benefit from the project because they can access with the same standard all over the country.

  • 2003 - 2004Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    Under leadership of the new generation, which includes Khun Sitthiporn Suwannasut, Khun Pisarn Thamviset, Khun Malee Suwannasut, Khun Somsak Waree, and Khun Suporn Suwannasut, the new strategies make Pathum Design different and always one step ahead of competitors. Expansion with branches, for example, into the provincial areas was made in Chonburi in 2003 and Nokornratchasima in 2004, which in return, gained huge supports from customers in the areas continuously.

  • 2001 - 2002Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    After the national economic crisis in 2000, Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd. was one of the few survivors and visualized an opportunity to develop its own organization in preparation for the future economic pick-ups and increasing demands for housing. The company expanded into two branches one located in Bangkok(Kanchanapisek Road) and the other located in Samutprakarn (Bangna-Trad Road)

  • 1994Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    moved to its new property located at 437 Rangsit-Nakornnayok Road, Thanyaburi, Pathumthani and remains up to the present. With an outstanding vision of its Directors, Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd. has been one of the leading companies in housing construction business and has been well-accepted its among peer companies in contact like financing companies, suppliers, architects, engineers, contractors, customers as well as the communities under the slogan “Quality House for Value”

  • 1992Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    was established by a team of personnel from Pathum Design & Construction Ltd. Part. together with a group of architects and engineers of high caliber to increase its potential and professional strength. Its main purpose was to emphasize on private housing construction and it has been in a great success ever since. It is still lead by the renowned Mr. Sithiporn Suwannasut.

  • 1990Pathum Design & Construction Ltd

    Part. was established by a group of specialists in construction, accounting and management lead by Mr. Sithiporn Suwannasut – the Director. Its main purpose was to conduct construction business in building, factory, commercial housing, housing estate and private housing.