Investment and Rate of Return with PD House Home Builder Franchise

First of all we should know that to invest in any businesses is risky. This can also happen with home builder franchise but the investor can manage and control the risk, opportunities and the results of investment by himself together with the experienced and successful franchisor. This is different from investing in stock market which depends on others who manage the business on your behalf, the investor cannot take part in the management (especially with the amount 2.5-3.5 million baht business0 but waiting for dividend if the business gets a profit. There is no challenge or sense of belonging.
PD House Home Builder Center franchise is good for the investors who are not only waiting for dividend but also ready for managing the challenge and risk from investing by themselves. They need a good business management system, accountability brand and a good supporter for a long life business,
For these reasons, PD House Home Builder franchise was designed and developed for those who are interested in investing and become the owner of the business to consider if there are any strength and weakness that are good for them. Here are the details:-
  • Duration of contract 15 years (5+5+5)
  • It is an investing that yields a high return in a short period of time.
  • You are not just an investor but business owner and manage by yourself.
  • A franchisor advises, supports and looks after the standards.
  • The budget needed for business set up, decoration and office appliances is around 1.5-2 million baht(depend on the office area)and 0.5-1 million baht cash reserved, totally needed to start business 2.5-3.5 million baht.
  • Fees paid to franchisor


Royalty Fee % of total income.

Marketing Fee % of total income.

Franchisee Qualifications

  • Need for Achievement
  • Service mind with high compromising ability
  • Good skill for coordination
  • Follow the regulation of franchise system and can respond to the needs of the customers
  • Having high ethic and treat employees honorably and fairly
  • Possess sales skill, engineering experiences or real estate sales agent is a benefit
  • Have enough money for investment. Capital can be asked investing loan from SMEs Bank with or without guarantee.
  • Have enough time to closely manage the business within the first five years.


A franchise system expert once said that seventy percent of success comes from investor and thirty percent comes from franchisor. This means that if the investor or franchisee is serious with the business, treat the customers and business partners fairly and honestly and follow the standard the franchisor set strictly, he will success. 

The company has set an intensive recruitment system for franchisees. If, after recruited, any franchisees fail to follow the regulation set, the franchise contract with PD House will be terminated.