Dr.Somat and Khun Rataphon Tangcharoen
Model ME-127

Home & Heart

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Happiness in a house does not depend only on design and functionality but also the responsiveness to the needs of the dwellers. If that is the case, no other place is as happy as our own home.

Dr.Som-art and Khun Waraporn Tungchareon’s family is one of the sample families who can create happiness by integrating everything uniquely. They have a contemporary styled home filled with love and functionalities that meet the needs of all the family members. The living area downstairs is allocated into reception room, living room and pantry, which connects to the dining area and then kitchen and laundry outside. The former parking area was modified to be a bedroom for the elderly.






Upstairs are three bedrooms and a Buddha room. Each bedroom is painted differently as the owner prefers so each will be happy with his or her individual style. The decor emphasizes on airiness with few pieces of furniture so much space is left for general purpose. Each corner of the house is decorated with cloth and souvenirs brought from Europe which makes the house look elegant and perfect.


“We chose a Contemporary style house because it is not too old fashioned or too modern. Furthermore, the internal functions are perfect and large for everyone to have his private space,” Dr.Som-art said. When a house is modified with things we like, it is believed that happiness fills every square inch. This makes the house a perfect paradise for the dwellers.

  • Topic : Chaweng Chueawong
  • Photo : Yutthana Singsai
  • Client : Dr.Somat and Khun Rataphon Tangcharoen
  • Model : ME-127
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Khonkaen