Khun Suksan Chanprasoet
Model SF-161

Steel House

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In an era of technology playing a role in our daily life, everything surrounding us inevitably changes. House is no exception. Currently, materials and designs are adapted to be in line with the generation. In the past, most of houses were mainly built with wood, then they were concrete house and recently ‘steel house’ innovation which becomes an alternative for those looking for a self-built home.


Khun Suksan Chanprasert, a veterinary at an importer of natural substances that replace antibiotic for livestock, and his family decided to choose a new housing innovation with a steel house as their own private residence as its outstanding features include speed of construction, lightweight and safety in case of an earthquake. Problem about noise and heat is also reduced.


Khun Suksan adds that, “I work in Bangkok. In my freetime, I will go back to my hometown in provinces. So, I think I should have a small home there for relaxation. I had a chance to see a steel house of PD House at a home fair, THBF , so I was interested and thought it should be a good choice for us. That’s why I immediately decided to choose it.”


The steel house that he chose is SF-161 which is a single-storey house in modern style with a compact size, not too small or too large. Functions fully include 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a living room and a dining room. All areas are connected together to give a feeling of convenience and warm for residents. Interior design is simple and looks comfortable with a use of a few pieces of furniture, giving an open space. It is also decorated with a few photographs on the wall to create a lively ambience within.
When everything looks simple and comfortable together with full functions, our family will be happy with what we choose like this home which makes everyone happy in style.
  • Topic : Chaweng Chueawong
  • Photo : Yutthana Singsai
  • Client : Khun Suksan Chanprasoet
  • Model : SF-161
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Roi Et