Khun Songsak - Khun Pagawan Kiatchoosakun
Model WA-155

Kiatchoosakun’s House : Original Beautiful House Of Khon Kaen


Nowadays, to buy a house is not difficult because there are many development projects from which we can buy. The customers only make decision about the location and design of the house. In Bangkok, wherever you go, too many advertising hoards for houses and condos can be easily seen.

For those who own the land and want different design of houses apart from those provided by the development projects, they can easily find a contractor. There are many contractors in form of privates or companies ready to build houses. Customers can choose the one who can response to their needs but what are the outcomes, no one knows.

To compare what is said above between Bangkok and provincial areas, the choices for the provincial areas are rather limited. This was what the couple—Ass. Prof. Dr. Songsak  and Ass. Prof. Dr. Pakapan faced at that time.

Live and work in Khon Kaen, they wanted to find a new house so they visited many housing development projects nut none attracted them. Moreover, materials used were not worth the price of the house.

After many visits to housing development projects but couldn’t find the house needed, the couple made a new decision to buy a plot of land and have someone build their house. However, they worried about finding a professional builder. To hire an unknown contractor, they were not confident in him and they both knew nothing about construction. If the contractor was not honest and used low grade materials, they would never know. This was their problem.

“We try to find the trustable home builder company so we visit many companies even in Bangkok. We find the right design but the problem is the company provides no service in provincial area,” they said.

PD House was one of their choices but also the problem was no office in Khon Kaen at that time.

Eventually, PD House opened a new office in Khon Kaen. When Ass. Prof. Dr. Songsak knew, he and his wife visited the new office and asked for details. Their first good impression of PD House was excellent warm welcome from sales person who provided complete information needed and suggestions of the house to suit 200 sq.wa. plot of land.

After gaining the information, they searched the internet and visited websites until they got enough information to make a decision, they then chose PD House to build their house.

“ I choose PD House because I think they have an office here so they can closely serve us. This is very important,” Ass. Pro. Dr. Songsak said.

During the construction, Dr. Songsak visited the work site everyday to follow the progress of the construction. This didn’t disappoint him because the construction was well done and kept up with the schedule set and the materials used were followed the words given. When they chose some new materials which were cheaper than those  stated in the contract, the different amount was refunded. “ Not many company do this,” the couple said.
Talking about materials, the couple admired the ideas of PD House which emphasized on environmentally friendly and energy saving materials such as light weight brick, clear green glass and insulator. Moreover, the pre-fabrication structures also help make the construction easy and standardized. The roof frame from “EASY TRUSS” is a rustproof high quality truss so we didn’t have to worry about the safety of the house. The company also provided 15 years guarantee for the structure and 3 years for general work.

At last, things went on as they should without anything bothered both employer and contractor. A 5 bedroom house—1 was modified to office with 389 sq.m. living area were fully finished. When the “ Kiatchoosakun” family moved in, they were comfortable both physically and mentally. Every living area served its function well. The atmosphere in the house was airy because the design let the wind flow in from almost all directions. This made the house cool in every season.

This house was the first house that built by PD House in Khon Kaen and the owner felt proud of. It was also acted as the sample house of PD House because many people came to have a look, mostly those working in the same occupation with the owners.

The couple gave remarks for PD House that PD House could be trusted and you would never be disappointed when you had PD House build your house.

“ Having no knowledge about the trustable home construction company, we visit many companies even in Bangkok. We find the right design but the problem is those companies have no service in provincial area.”

“ I choose PD House because they open a new office in Khon Kaen so they can provide us closely service. This is very important.”
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  • Client : Khun Songsak - Khun Pagawan Kiatchoosakun
  • Model : WA-155
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Khonkaen