Khun Phannipha - Khun Chit Chankhong
Model WA-131

Home of Happiness

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          “We are very impressed with this house as we are happy to staying at. We would like to thank PD House to create this quality work and always pay much attention to us.” This short message can reflect happiness and pride in this lovely house.



          Though the beginning of this house is a coincident, but that coincident is a luck, incredibly bringing happiness and warmth to the “Chankong” family. Mrs. Pannipa Chankong told us that, “My daughter and I got a chance to visit a housing fair and accidentally found PD House’s booth. Sales team introduced and gave us details, making us impressed. At the end, we decided to book a unit immediately before telling my husband (Mr.Chit Chankong or Loong Chit Coconut Jelly) and children when we were back home. At first, everyone seemed to disagree with, thinking I was deceived. But I was not worried or felt unconfident as a document contract is clear and the company has an office with many works in a track record. I believed this time I would not have been wrong.”

          With a strong confidence in PD House, today she can prove herself and make others in the family accept a construction job of a house in contemporary style which is modern and designed. Functions are also completed despite some changes in the design, for a perfect lifestyle of the family members. The lower floor is divided into a living room, a kitchen and a glass room which is changed from garage. The upper floor comprises 3 bedrooms and a prayer room. Interior decoration emphasized on open and airy with simple design and a few pieces of furniture. Bright tone is chosen for the house looking spacious and warm.



         As home is a key to fill happiness to the family, a decision-making to choosing a home builder needs a detailed study to build confidence. Don’t consider only price as sometimes “luck” may not be with you.


  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Khun Phannipha - Khun Chit Chankhong
  • Model : WA-131
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Hat Yai