Mr. Charan and Mrs. Phanarat Phachiyanukhul
Model ME-149

Open Space for Life

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       “If you can dream it, you can do it”. It may be so hard and you may be so tired, but its possibility may be depending on how hard you try. “Phachiyanukhul family” dreamed of having a house that reward their lives and deliver family happiness. They had been lived in a row house for lifetime, so they wanted a new house that every member can have private area and have an area like garden for relaxation.

        Mr. Charan and Mrs. Phanarat Phachiyanukhul are dreamers, but both have one dream that is to make their family a happy family. They had seen their child grew up everyday in limited space of a row house, therefore they decided to take their child to a better place.

        “After we decided to build a house, first thing we looked for is a land lot. We wanted a location that near our old house so we got this. Next thing is looked for a builder. We had been searching in the internet when we found PD House. We read about many company but at that time we thought PD House is a company in Bangkok and has countrywide branches also in Ubon Ratchathani, it made us interested. We got into the details such as company profile, designs, previous works etc. and these information made us trusted. Therefore we had them built our house.” Said Mr. Charan.

        Mr. Charan and family chose ME-149 model. Its exterior looks pretty luxurious for a contemporary design that blended with classical elements like molded cornices around the house, so these make model one of an eye-catching PD House model. The usage area is consisting of six bedrooms and 8 bathrooms that designed to serve all requirements.


        Not interior to the exterior design, the interior space design is also interesting. Downstair is consisting of two bedrooms, two maid’s rooms, two kitchens, a reception room, a dining room, a living room and an entertainment room. And the upstair is divided to be four bedrooms, a prayer room and a library. Each room or part of this house was differently decorated but still harmonized with atmosphere of the house and the contemporary. Maybe not very luxurious but modern and functional, there is a lot of built-in furniture that designed to increase storage area, make the house airy and easy to clean up.


        “At the beginning, we need a house with many rooms. When we saw the ME-149 model, we liked it because it meet our requirement. Even if there was a request from us to adjust the house plan, but it was just for the sake of additional usage area. By the way PD House gave us what we wanted, so we love it so much when the result is this great and meet what we really need. There was some concerns about electric system and water supply system, but we have found no problems even if when the storm came. PD House impressed us a lot by their quality and service.” Mr. Charan added.

        Starting from the idea “happiness begin at home”, we need to make our house good to see and to live in. Choose the design we like and decorate it what we want, to make our house serve our requirements at the end and bring us the endless happiness.

  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Mr. Charan and Mrs. Phanarat Phachiyanukhul
  • Model : ME-149
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PDHouse Ubonratchathani