Pol. Lt. Col. Wichit and Khun Chamaiporn Khenhan
Model WA-135

Live Happily

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     Having a home requires many factors like budget, good craftsman and design that meets the needs of homeowners. All of these may concern many people and so do Police Lieutenant Colonel Wichit and Khun Chamaiporn Kenhan. They want a home as a gift for their children but face such problems. Accidentally and fortunately, a Bangkok-based homebuilder opens a branch in Roi Et, as a result those problems have been solved and they have got a home as they want.


     Pol. Lt. Col. Wichit and Khun Chamaiporn say, “we earlier lived in a half-concrete half-wood house, owned by my parents. When we have children, we need a private space. We thought we should have a house which is not too big and not too small. At that time, we looked for a craftsman, a housing design and price but did not find a right or good craftsman. During that time, PD House opened a branch in Roi Et. We visited there to have a talk and when we saw housing designs, we liked it. After the talk, we felt more confident, then decided to choose PD House.



     The design that the Kenhan family chose is contemporary style with functions that meet their needs. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. All spaces are distinctively designed. On lower floor, space allocation is open plan with each zone like bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room connecting each other. Areas on upper floor are all designed for bedrooms for a privacy. The attractiveness of this house is not only a functional layout but also a decoration. Though it is not luxurious, it is convenient and truly matches the resident’s lifestyle. It is also an energy-saving house as quality of construction materials are good and a limited number of furniture is used to have an open space, allowing the wind to flow through and reducing air-condition system and electricity bill.



          “At first, we did not trust at all as its is a house with prefabrication system which no ones in the location have used. We asked one of our relatives who is engineer to supervise. But when we saw its job and were well informed from staff, we felt happy. When we saw the house, we were more confident. Then we got the house we really wanted.” Khun Chamaiporn adds that, “our decision is right to choose PD House as we got a quality home and quality materials. Anyone seeing it loves it. Both before and after sale services is superb. We are very appreciated.

     When you are the one who decides to spend a huge budget for a house, the most important is a thorough selection and a detailed study. Past record should be reviewed and compared. Why did they do so? The answer is that you have only one decision to make. Wrong choice can change your life. If you choose a right one, happiness will surround you like the Kenhan family today has..

  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Pol. Lt. Col. Wichit and Khun Chamaiporn Khenhan
  • Model : WA-135
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Roi-Ed