Khun Somchai - Khun Raweewan Mahittarittikorn
Model ME-125


The owner of R.R. Electric Partnership Limited

Somchai Mahittarittikorn : PD HOUSE’s customer who has the answer for “ Why Home Builder?”

Many people like to ask that why you have to have a home builder company build your house on your own land. In the past,our parents had a local contractor build their houses.

The question is just a question, no answer required because it is implied. For those who have never known the worthiness and services of home builder entrepreneur can’t  imagine how the home builder company runs their business. They had to study and collect data to improve the business to strengthen the weak points the local contractor has made. The home builder company also sets a new system and tries to differentiate the business to be accepted by the customers. If ones contact with a home builder company, he then will know the answer of “Why Home Builder?”

Khun Smchai Mahittarittikorn, the owner of R.R. Electric Partnership Limited, the dealer and installer of electrical equipments in the factory, one of the customers of PD HOUSE told the reasons why he had the home builder company build his house. He said he himself was an engineer and also had a fundamental knowledge of home building. There were two main factors that made him chose the home builder company to build his house. Firstly, the budget for the construction was fixed from the beginning to the end of the construction. Secondly, the standard of materials used were as required though the cost for the construction was a little bit higher with the local contractor.

To choose a home builder company, there are many factors to be considered. The first priority is the reliability of the company. I didn’t know PD HOUSE  personally but I was told from friends and relatives and I searched the data from the internet. On line marketing of PD HOUSE helped me a lot because I could see the progress of the construction posted in the website of the company. This is good for a customer who has limited time to visit the work site.

Words from friends and relatives and to let customers follow the progress of the work via internet can ensure much reliability to the customers and make the customers feel more confident of the company than other channels of advertisement.

However, PD HOUSE also has some weak points and I would like to take this opportunity to disclose them so PD HOUSE can use this to improve their services. For example, when the work in each step is completed prior to the schedule set, the company should go on the next step instead of holding the work unmoved.

“ I know that the company has to work at many work sites at the same time so the construction crews has to be rotated to other work site and leave some work sites held on. The work will be started again when the crews are rotated back. This is the working system of the company but the customers don’t feel happy with this.


Despite some weak points mentioned above, PD HOUSE possessed high standard and responsibility. When they were told to correct any defaults, PD HOUSE did it without any charge. They strictly follow what is stated in the contract.

Khun Somhai told us briefly about his personal experiences and his business background. He graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, King Mongkut Institute of Technology, Northern Bangkok. He then worked as an employee in a private company for more than 10 years to accumulate experiences. There he met a friend and at last became his business partner.

To resign from a salary man and run his own business is normal for everybody who wants to grow up and progress in business. Khun Somchai is one of the men of this kind so he and his friends set their own business.



After 6-7 years, is company extended services abroad. Unfortunately, the economic crisis in 1997 caused the break down of the company. He then decided to separate and set a new business with his wife until now.

Khun Raweewan Mahittarittikorn(his wife) added that from the beginning the business grew up in a satisfactory rate. We could say that we success in doing business so today we earn enough money to build our new house. We bought a 3 rais plot of land at Tambon Nong Kang Kork, Chonburi close to our relatives’ and decided to build the house here.

“This area used to be orchard and today the surrounding areas are still orchards. We decided to build the house here because it is not far from our office and it is also convenient for our two sons to go to school. We are proud of this beautiful house.

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  • Client : Khun Somchai - Khun Raweewan Mahittarittikorn
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