Khun Somchai and Khun Anyathorn Piriyaprapaiphan
Model W-137

A Better Choice of Living

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Since a house is more than just a resident, then designing it as our mind and living like it meets our needs are very important. Whether it be the plan, its function, utility space, even interior decoration is included. It glad to know that there are a lot of choices for consumers to build their house – by using skilled workers, constructors, even professional home builders. Before deciding your mind that who is the best one, Searching profile, ex-references and more details of home builder are the key that can guarantee you will be received a great house as you have expected.

Mr.Somchai and Mrs.Anyathorn Piriyaprapaiphan, owners of wholesale and retail cosmetic business, included beauty equipment supply in Phitsanulok is another couple who wishing to have their own house. After past time, they must been living in a 3-story and a half shop house. The lower floor is a cosmetic and beauty equipment shop. The upper floors are resting areas. Even there weren’t any problem at the first start but the large scale of their business diversifies and more of customers made their private lives in trouble. Together with traffic’s voices from the road nearby, they’re all affected their resting. Then the idea of building a new house on the land their own was begin.


Mr.Somchai said “That time we were searching lots information of house building such as finding constructors but our children recommended us home builder company would be better. Because we won’t be worry for any problems such as immediately leaving of workers, incorrectly materials and budget escalation. Even the price may be more expensive but the quality and service hit more standard, moreover, they offer customers with a distinct and justify contract.

After cutting other choices and deciding to choose a home builder company, Mr.Somchai and his family was starting to find information of home builder companies and comparing their advantages and strengths, then finally decided to choose PD House which holds all the trumps by storing various house models and some of them fits their land. The old references are all obvious, providing a justified contracts and work’s guarantee. All of these made them confident in the company and eventually choosing here.

The house model that was chosen by Mr.Somchai’s family is the one which fits their land. It’s an Thai Contemporary style that brings traditional Thai house identity, the supporters, as its feature. This made the house look beautiful and seemingly into a contemporary house. The house satisfied their needs with a fully-function, there are 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and moreover with 288 sq.m. of utility area. The lower floors was designed to be connected but separating these areas as maid’s room, kitchen, dining room, living room and the front porch which is rather large. The upper floor was designed to be a resting area, there are 3 bedrooms and a praying room upon. The airy interior aim at their decoration, then only necessary furniture were selected. Modern style is their type then it made the interior looks interesting. But some of colorful furniture makes the house looks bright and lively.
In the meanwhile, Mrs.Anyathorn added her opinion - “I’m very impressed in this house, it really satisfied me. Working together with the team made me even more impressed, they gave us great services. I was not mistaken that choosing PD House, it’s worth the money we’ve paid.”

A house is a resting space and a center of attention in a family, also offers the meaning of successful in life. Then deciding of house building is very important thing to be careful. Searching and take consideration of information as “Piriyaprapaiphan’s family” did. Also be confident to choose a professional home builder company, these made them living happily in this wonderful house of their own.

  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Khun Somchai and Khun Anyathorn Piriyaprapaiphan
  • Model : W-137
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Pitasanulok