Pornpen Aumbanchaong
Model ME-599


Give up business to build a house for the warmth of the family is Khun Pornpen’s dream. After success in business, many people decide to stop, for they know the meaning of ‘enough’ and want to take a rest, try to seek happiness for themselves. The most important question for many family is how to build a good house because building a good house is something that must be thoroughly considered. One cannot build a house very often in one’s lifetime and to find a good builder is also not easy. This is what Khun Pornpen and Khun Mark Bennakic, her English husband, faced.

Khun Pornpen told ‘ Sukjai’ staff that she bought a two and a half rai of land 3 years ago while doing pub business in England. The reasons she wanted to stay in Hua Hin were firstly, the place was not far from Bangkok and convenient to go back and forth from and to Bangkok, secondly, she wanted to stay close to the King’s palace which made her feel safe and warm and thirdly, the people here in Hua Hin were friendly.

“After buying the land, I went back to work in my pub in England. Because I was allergic to cigarette smoke, I decided to close my business and came back to Thailand to stay at Hua Hin permanently,” Khun Pornpen, a Bangkok born lady, said.

Khun Pornpen told us that before building the house she visited websites of many home builder companies to find a desired design. Once when she went to Home Fair at Sirikit National Convention Center, she talked with a salesperson of PD HOUSE, consulted him about the house design and house building and pleased with his answers so she decided to have PD build her house. She was the first customer of PD in Hua Hin.

“ The reason I chose PD was the price. To compare with other home builder companies with the same materials, the price was not too high. The salesperson also gave me excellent details. One cannot build many houses in a lifetime so to build a house we must take the best choice to avoid any problems afterwards. I also saw the works of PD in the website and when I was in England. I knew someone who had PD build their houses so I thought I made a right decision. PD took good care of the house during the construction. The construction crew was very nice and friendly. I contacted them because I rented a house and stayed in Hua Hin during the construction.


“ I am proud of the house because it was beautifully built. When friends came from oversea to visit us, they appreciated the craftsmanship of the house. After give up the business in English, I planned to stay permanently with my family in Thailand.

For the house in her dream, Khun Pornpen said that she wanted a 2 storey house with airy hall and garden. When everything was agreed I decided to choose this design of PD HOUSE to be built on 1 rai of land with 700 sq.m. living area. The price was 9 m. and some parts of the house were modified. There were formerly 6 bedrooms in the design but I wanted the bigger ones so the bedrooms were changed to 4 then we got the bigger ones. Downstairs was modified to be more airy to suit the life style of our family.

“ Four people and two doge live in this house. The son gets a big bedroom with mountain view and the daughter, a teacher, get another room. My husband appreciates the craftsmanship of the house. His favourite corners are TV room and games room with dart and snooker. My son is the dart champion in Hua Hin- 2 years and very much like the game room. My favourites are the kitchen and swimming pool. Those who come to visit us appreciated the house and often asked who was the builder.”


Khun Mark,her husband, said that he liked and was proud of the house because it was well built. After give up business in England, he planned to spend the rest of his life in Thailand permanently with the family. The weather in Hua Hin is fine. If a friend from oversea wants to build a house, he said he would recommend PD HOUSE.

Khun Pornpen also said that she planned to build houses for sale or rent in the vacant land near her house and will surely have PD build again because she trusted PD.

For those who are looking for a home builder company, Khun Pornpen said that they should look for a company that is stable, use good materials, give reasonable price and PD HOUSE meets these qualification. This is the way of life Khun Pornpen’s family leads to fulfill the definition of ‘Home’ which fills with warmness and happiness and PD HOUSE took part in fulfilling her dreams.

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  • Client : Pornpen Aumbanchaong
  • Model : ME-599
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House HuaHin