Khun Chana - Khun Monrudee Manasunthorn
Model F-138

Dreamed House : Manasunthorn family-The House from Their Own Labors


Almost everybody had a dream for something in their life time and most of them dream about building their own houses- big or small. Manasunthorn family is one among those who has dreamed for a house and finally the dream comes true.

Chana manasunthorn, a dentist, graduated in Dentistry from Chieng Mai university. He then worked with a private company for 1 year and worked in Ratchaburi hospital for 10 years before resigned to open his own dental clinic “Chana Dentist” in Ratchaburi. For his wife, Monrudee, a female dentist, graduated in Dentistry from Khon Kaen university. She then furthered her study for specialist in Children Dental at Chulalongkorn  university. After graduated, she worked in Hygiene Center, Health Promotion Hospital (Mother and Children Hospital) in Ratchaburi. They married in 1996 and have 2 daughters.

Dentist Chana manasunthorn told us that he had lived in the house provided by government for more than 10 years. To live in the government provided house, there were many problems. You couldn’t renovate the house, no room wide enough to be decorated. This made the house go worse. Moreover, there was no place for children to play or do activities. These forced us planned to have our own house.

For the past few years, we looked for a house in a housing development project and found  out that most of the houses there were quite small. The house designs were not attractive and have a small living area. For the big ones, they were expensive and had many limited factors. We then had an idea to build our own house and started looking for a home builder.

“Why home builder?” was a question which the couple could answer without hesitation. They once faced a problem with a contractor when they had them  build their clinic in Ratchaburi. The contractor left the building unfinished, didn’t follow the drawing and couldn’t control the cost of the construction.

We searched the website of many home builder companies but none attracted us. We went to Home Builder Fair at Sirikit national Convention Center and visited many home builder companies before we chose PD HOUSE  to build our first house. We chose PD because they had more than 200 house designs and we could find the design that attracted us. We also didn’t have to pay for transportation fee because PD HOUSE had an office at Nakorn Pathom so we can save our budget. Besides, the good presentation from the salesperson impressed us and ensured that we would get the house we needed.


“Most of the home builders in Ratchaburi are local contractors not a company. They build the house as they used to build which is not up to standard, rough workmanship so the completed house does not meet our needs. We sometimes face the house left unfinished and the cost of the construction cannot be controlled.”

A female dentist Mthatonrudee manasunthorn added that the house was modern contemporary style with 504 sq.m. living area. She admitted that she was concerned with the house and visited every step of construction until the end which lasted for about a year. During the construction, PD staff come to inspect regularly and the materials used were up to standard. When completed, t was impressed because we got the house we expected for.

“I feel impress with PD HOUSE because they follow up each step of construction. There are also post-sale service so if we have any problems with the house, even a minute one, PD staff will come to fix it.”

Dentist Chana left the message to those who are going to build a house that they had better have a home builder build their houses because the company can look after their houses better. Moreover, most of the house owners know only little about construction. A home builder company is a professional builder. They have to preserve their reputation. However, to choose home builder companies, their background and experiences must be considered. Other factors such as  offices, house designs, price and contract are also to be considered.

For me, to choose PD HOUSE to build my house is not disappointed. I got the house as expected, worth waiting for and this is our first house got from our labor.



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  • Client : Khun Chana - Khun Monrudee Manasunthorn
  • Model : F-138
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Nakornpathom