Dr. Wanchai-Khun Chutima Jawjira
Model English Country Style House

Happy With English Country Style House


A house is a place of happiness for dweller so to build a house many factors as such as taste, likeliness, style and living area must be brought into consider.

Baan Sukjai magazine staff had an opportunity to visit the house of Dr. Wanchai, a general surgeon, and KhunChutima,a nurse, his wife. Both are the owner of “Wanchai Clinic” at Tamuang district, Kanchanaburi. The house is beautiful and attractive in English Country style and stands prominently on the road led to Tamuang district.

KhunChutima told Baan Sukjai staff that Dr.Wanchai was born and in Supanburi and she herself was born in  Kanchanaburi. They both used to work  together in Pahonponpayuhasena hospital in Kanchanaburi and resigned to open their own clinic—Wanchai Clinic.The clinic has been opened for 23 years now and open daily from 8.00-12.00 hrs. and 17.00-21.00 hrs. on Monday to Saturday and 8.00-12.00 on Sunday.

“Nowadays the doctor and I work in the clinic. Sometime in the past the doctor used to work in a private hospital but he was too tired wit and h that so he quit.The work at the clinic is good and most of the people in Tamuang district know the clinic.” KhunChutima said.

Though they had to work hard, they take a time to relax in the afternoon and Sunday  late afternoon at their house which is just 1.5 km.from the clinic. Their house is the warm place to rest and they carefully  chose the house style and decoration items.


KhunChutima told us that the house is an English Country style, 2 storey with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and 400 sq.m. living area. It is on 2 rais plot of land bought from the patient of the clinic. The land is on a good location close to the road and near the clinic.

“When we come back from work we usually sit at the dining table eating,watching TV and chatting so the dining area is our favorite corner. We chose to build a country style house because we both love the shady nature of country style with corridor round the house. We don’t like a modern luxury house.”
Dr. Wanchai said that before building the house,he searched the internet for house styles from other countries, and saw some from the movies so this style of house fixed in his mind for a long time. Then he brought the style to discuss with home builder companies and stopped at PD House because he was well informed. When the planned was modified to meet his needs, the house was built with 5 million Baht budget and it took a year and a half to complete.


“After living in this house for 6 years,we were never disappointed. We are happy with the house. Everything is still in good condition. Themost important thing is it is never hot within the house because of a corridor around the  house, a light weight brick wall, a synthetic wood outside and the insulator on the ceiling. The paint is still in good condition though somewhere on the window frames are a little fade because of the hot sunlight but we haven’t a repainting yet.”

KhunChutima left the message for those who are going to build a new house that first of all they must find a house design they like, then find a professional builder with high quality standard,trustable and has experiences in construction.

The couple defined the word ‘Home’ to fulfill the life that the home should be the place where we live happily both mind and body. It should be the place we don’t want to stay away. When we finish our work we want to come directly home to take a rest.

This can be concluded that both Dr. Wanchai and KhunChutima completely use their home to fulfill love,happiness and warmth in their life.

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  • Client : Dr. Wanchai-Khun Chutima Jawjira
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