Khun Prasoet Sangram
Model W-121

Garden House Of A Guardian


                The idiom “you can’t teach an old dog the new tricks.” may sounds pretty negative, but it help us understand why our parents would like to do the same things over and over again and hard to change. Mr. Prasert Sangram, a teacher of Buriram Pittayakhom School, will tell us an example case.

                “We still have a rice farm and have just harvested. It is an unpredictable business because sometimes we lose our product by natural disaster like flood, but it is their traditional livelihood that makes them happy in everytime they do. Now my father go to the farm every day, when my niece come, my mother have her to do the grocery and go with my father too. They do this since they are youngsters, plus, it is an exercise at the same time so how can I stop them from farming. I have a bedroom at downstair which made for them but as you can guess, they do not come (laughing).” said Mr.Prasert.




                “My requirement were an ordinary two-story house which followed by not that much liabilities, had some garden area and is not in downtown because I want to live here with my parents. My workplace, school, is about 28 kilometers away, may be not too far so I could come back everyday but I have an extra job as tutor after work, So that take me to late than 7 pm and make my mother worry if I drive back that time everyday. I thought I could  had enough money already then I decided to build a house, as a single teacher, it seems not to happen that time. Until one day I invite my friend to visit PD House Buriram to see their design model and talked with the branch manager whose taught me about financing process. When I went back again, they help me do the financing plan that I can see the possibility. After that time I did not have to do anything because they do it all instead (laughing).” 


                Mr.Prasert have a younger brother and sister and both of them live in far provinces. So there are just him, his parents and his niece –daughter of his brother that he raised up as his child are here in their motherland. “My mother gave me this land lot because I am their first child and my brother and sister work and live in different provinces. I feel like it is my responsible to be here and take care our parents.” said the teacher.

                Big or small, luxurious or not, may doesn’t matter. What worth a house is who is it built for.

  • Topic : Todsapon Suwannasut
  • Photo : Yutthana Singsai
  • Client : Khun Prasoet Sangram
  • Model : W-121
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : Pd House Surin