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03 Feb2017

PD House got 10 awards for Energy Saving House 2016

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          The number one energy saving home builder under the name PD House Home Builder Center got 10 awards from Excellent Energy Saving House for the year 2016 held by Department of Business Development.The rewards got was divided into 3 categories.1).  Six rewards from the house with living area not exceed 200 sq.m. 2) Three houses with the living area 200-300 sq.m.  3) One reward from the house with living area more than 300 sq.m. The awarding ceremony was presided by Gen. Anantaporn Kanchanarat, Minister, Ministry of Energy and the ceremony was held at Wayupak Room, Convention center,5th floor,Centra hotel, Government Center and Convention center, Chaeng Wattana, recently.