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07 Jul2017

Join the Celebration of PD House for Their 25th Year

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           PD House wants to support the children who love and concern for their mother by giving them special gifts on the coming Mother’s Day Festival on August 12th.This is for the customers who want to build new houses for their mother (to pay back grace to their mothers).The promotion is “Love Mom as Big as a House”or discount of 10 beautiful designs.


Details of promotion
  Ordinary price Special discount price
1. SF-164 1,769,000 1,504,000
2. EA-207Q 2,778,000 2,361,000
3. EA-601Q  3,529,000 2,999,000
4. EA-161 4,161,000 3,537,000
5. EA-162 4,695,000 3,999,000
6. EA-154 5,402,000 4,592,000
7. W-166 5,262,000 4,473,000
8. ME-173 6,160,000 5,236,000
9. EA-164 6,069,000 5,159,000
10. F-174 6,180,000 5,253,000

This special promotion is for the customers who book-sign construction contract with PD House Home Builder Center within the time specified.

Place                                  Every Office of PD House Home Builder Center

Duration of Promotion    July 5th to August 31th

Making Reservation         Within August 31th

Sign Contract                    Within September 30th


  • The promotion stated above is for the customers building the houses in Bangkok and perimeter only.(For the customers upcountry, the company reserves the right to consider the discount according to the criteria designated by the company.)
  • The customers have to make a reservation and sign contract within the time specified by te company.