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News of our movements including activities concerned which are useful to those interested in housing and for the customers of the company.


Grand Opening of a New PD House Home Builder Center in Rayong

17 Oct 2020

PD House & Chewad Campaign: “A Perfect Ten” Discount Offer, First Come - First Served for an Even Better Deal

30 Sep 2020 “PD House& Chewad: A Perfect Tem Discount Offer, First Come-First Served for an Even Better Deal.” This promotion will include PD House offices throughout Thailand.

PD House Fears Economic Downturn Could Affect Future Sales.

30 Jul 2020 PD House announced increased sales for the first half of the year congruent to the company’s forecast.

PD House Achieves 500M in Sales for the First Half of the Year Despite Covid Fears. New Strategies Implemented to Adapt to the New Normal.

24 Jun 2020 Against the various issues encountered for the first half of 2020 – the economic turndown and COVID 19 - PD House still managed to achieve their 500-million-baht target.

“Less is More ดีไซน์น้อย แต่ให้มาก”

27 Jun 2019 Sales promotion activity by the end of 2nd quarter under the concept “Less is More-Design Less Give More”

Summer Sale : A Million Discount,Cool Down and Dust Free”

25 Apr 2019 PD House Home Builder Center ask you to relieve the heat so you and your family can live cool and happily in your house.

“Celebrate Chinese New Year, Golden Pig Gives Luck”

22 Jan 2019 To start the Year of Golden Pig and celebrate the coming Chinese New Year, PD House launches a special promotion “Celebrate Chinese New Year, Golden Pig Gives Luck”

PD House Overjoyed the End of the Year Promotion So Hot,Get the Last Quarter Sales 300 Million

15 Jan 2019 PD House bragged that their Q4 sales amount reached 400m.baht.This is because they launched the promotion at the right time when

PD Launched “Narrow Front House”,New Series For Limited Area

22 Nov 2018 PD House International Co.,Ltd, the owner of PD Home Builder center franchise, introduced series