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With our enduring vision, contemporary mindset, and a stable management team,
"PD HOUSE" remains focused on enhancing the organization's capabilities, allowing for uninterrupted growth and the continual expansion of our home construction services.


With our enduring vision, contemporary mindset, and a stable management team, "PD HOUSE" remains focused on enhancing the organization's capabilities, allowing for uninterrupted growth and the continual expansion of our home construction services.



“We build the same standard house all over Thailand
and our customers can access us with ease and convenience.”
  • 2014 - PresentPathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    PD House Home Builder Center insists that we will continuously expand our branch offices to reach the planned goal. The intention is to have fifty offices all over the country to upgrade the standard of residential buildings and respond to the needs of our country wide customers.
    Our concept, which is different from the competition, is to continuously develop the business and make the “PD House” brand a proud leader in the home building business. We are also well accepted by both the entrepreneurs in the building business and the customers. We will steadily grow under the slogan, “Build for the Future.”
    We are the leading builder of energy conservation and environmentally friendly, energy saving homes. We use natural substitution materials to help reduce the global warming effect. This can be attributed to the more than 36 awards received from the Department of Energy Substitution and Conservation, the Ministry of Energy and the Department of Business Development, the Ministry of Commerce.
    PD House continues to develop by applying construction innovation to ensure the same standards are consistent with all of their offices in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. The same roof trusses, doors and windows and ‘Multi Joint Lock System’ prefabrication structure
    are used in the construction of each building. The MLS construction innovation was designed by PD House’s engineers which are manufactured in a standard factory and then assembled at the work site. The parts are accurately made, reducing some of the construction steps and numbers of workers. Management technology and applications are used so the inspection, design and product development can be applied. To date, PD House has built over one thousand homes.
  • 2009 - 2013 Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    The executive staff and employees of PD House continued to concentrate on developing the potential of the organization and began to elevate the standard from the novice builders to the same standard as that of the experienced ones through a franchise management system. This heightened the awareness and image of the home building business to be known and accepted by the consumers all over the country under the name ‘PD House’ or ‘PD House Home Builder Center.’

    At that time, the Patum Design Development Co. ,Ltd set up PD House Corporation Co., Ltd.to run the PD House franchise business. The first franchise office was opened in Saraburi and was considered the prototype model office. Shortly thereafter, PD House Corporation Co.,Ltd. expanded the franchise offices throughout Thailand. Between the years 

  • 2007 - 2008 Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    in the year 2007-2008 After the company had hired a team of experts surveyed and researched the holistic image of home builder business and brands impressed the consumers, it was found that the image of home builder business must be made known to the public and the brands must be made easily memorized.This caused the initiation of founding Home Builder Assosiation and Patum Design was rebranded to PD HOUSE Home Builder Center under the concept “Build For The Future”. We keep walking to the goal we set to be a professional home builder. In 2007,we opned 3 new branches to serve our customers both in Bangkok and up country. We opened the branches at Khon Kaen,Nakorn Pathom and Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok.In 2008,three new branches were opened in Nonthaburi,Prachuabkirikhan(Hua Hin) and Rayong. PD HOUSE have now 11 branches both in Banghoh and up country to cover the service area of more than 40 provinces all over the country.All worked with the same standard...professional.

    PD staff go on developing our potential to push PD HOUSE HOME BUILDER CENTER to extend 50 offices in 50 provinces within 5 years. We aim to be the leader in home builder business and raise the standard of home builder business and entrepreneurs.

    In the year 2009 PD HOUSE HOME BUILDER CENTER FRANCHISE was first initiated in Thailand under the polity of the company stated above which is the new phenomenon in home builder business. The consumers will benefit from the project because they can access with the same standard all over the country.

    2009-2013, there were now forty-two offices which covered the service area of sixty provinces throughout the country.

  • 2003 - 2006 Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    A young, executive Team offering a wide range of vision for the company were brought on board. They included Khun Sitthiporn Suwannasut, Khun Pisan Thammawiset, Khun Malee Suwannasut, Khun Somsak Sukwaree and Khun Niran Phosi who proposed and developed a modern management plan with competitive strategies for expanding PD House offices to the provincial areas. This was quite different from the competitor companies as it included upgrading the home building business to the provincial areas to the same standard as in Bangkok.

    The first pilot project office was opened in Chonburi. The office was situated on Sukhumvit Road, opposite the Nong Mon market. It became well accepted by the consumer. As it exceeded expectations, a second provincial office was opened in Nakhon Ratchasima, located at The Mall department store and as expected, many customers were interested in the service provided.

  • 2001 - 2002 Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    After the economic crisis of 1997, Patum Design Develop Co., Ltd, was one of the few building companies that survived the recession. They would also be able to successfully continue to steadily drive the company’s growth. In 2001, the executive staff realized the recovery of the economy at that time and foresaw the opportunity and the trend of the home building business so a plan was launched to open two new offices to respond to the soaring needs of the customer. The offices were located in Bangkok (Kanchanapisek Road) and Samut Prakan (Bangna-Trad Road)

  • 1994-2000 Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    With a vision for the future, the executive Team of the Patum Design Develop Co., Ltd., continued to grow and soon the company became the leader in the home building business. It was also very well accepted by related business organizations like financial institutions, construction material manufacturers, dealers, architects, engineers, contractors and consumers. The company slogan at that time was ‘Build a Quality House Worth of Your Money’ and the head office was moved from Amphoe Klong Luang to 473 Rungsit-Nakhonnayok Road, Thanyaburi district, Pathimthani.


  • 1992-1993 Pathum Design Development Co., Ltd

    These became the years where new goals were set for the business. More experts in construction including architects and engineers joined the Team. This strengthened the employee base and made the company more professional. The Team was led by Khun Sithiporn Suwannasut, a managing director of Patum Design Develop Co., Ltd.  The company then focused on home building where the service areas were predominantly in Pathumthani and neighboring provinces. Since that day, Pathum Design had fully entered the home building business and became accepted by the consumer and related business partners alike.

  • 1990-1991 Pathum Design & Construction Ltd

    This became the starting point of the business. Experienced personnel from various occupations and fields such as experienced builders, accountants and administrators and under the guidance of Khun Sitthiporn Suwannasut, Managing Partner, brought them all together and set up the construction company. Commercial buildings, housing projects and residential buildings were constructed. The main service area was primarily in Pathum Thani and nearby provinces.  Shortly after, the business grew larger so a limited partnership named Patum Design & Construction Limited Partnership was established to provide service to governmental agencies as well. The first office was situated at Amphoe Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani.