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For decades, PD House had developed and selected the best construction technology called Prefabrication & Multi-joint Lock System.


For decades, PD House had developed and selected the best construction technology called Prefabrication & Multi-joint Lock System.


Prefabrication &Multi-joint Lock System

        PD House Home Builder Center developed and selected the best construction technique called Prefabrication &Multi-joint Lock System. The engineering design and quality control in every step of production from the factory is supervised by experienced engineer staff who has worked in this field for m
ore than 20 years. The precision is emphasized and this makes the Prefabrication & Multi-joint Lock System superior to the cast-in-place construction system and ensure that every house has  high quality and longevity

        We are also concerned about global warming and pollution which currently endangers the earth so in every step of construction—from the beginning to hand over the house to the customer—environmentally friendly materials and energy saving materials are used. This is for your house today and in the future.


Outstanding Features of Prefabrication & Multi-joint Lock System

        It is time saving compares to cast-in-place construction. The quality is stable and strong because there is a examining and controlling process in every step of production. This ensures that before it becomes a modern Prefabrication & Multi-joint Lock System, it is studied and developed continually until it is well accepted in the field of construction.



MLS Structure

Reinforced concrete pre-cast foundation is used for assemble J-Bolt to support from the column and transfer to the pile. There are two types of foundation.
  1. Foundation for single pile is 0.45x0.45 m. or 0.60x0.60m.depends on the specification defined by an  engineer.
  2. Foundation for double piles is 0.60x1.20m..This is for supporting very heavy foundation.



Components of Foundation


  • Dowel or J-Bolt a deformed bar diameter 16mm.It is bended into right angle to form J-shape at the bottom 0.40 m. long. The top of the bar is screwed for 7 c.m. to hold the bottom of the column.
  • Pre-cast pillar is used to support cantilever beam. It is the same size as the column and high up to the underneath of the beam. On the top of the pillar is a piece of steel to be welded with the piece of steel attached under the beam.

2. Pre-cast column is a reinforced concrete structure size and shape as engineer designed .It is used to support the load from the beam and transfer to foundation. The  column is usually designed short for one storey but in some cases it is designed longer.




Component of the Column

          The transfer set at the base of the column is called Column Plate. It is good to receive pressure and moment. It is a section welded with the steel bar put in the column and a hold is made for Dowel attached to the footing or first floor column.

3. Pre-cast beam is a structure which can be produced into two types. They are reinforced concrete beam and pre stress concrete beam. It is usually designed a one span beam not connected .To make a hole for putting steel in the beam, it must be careful not to hit the prestressed concrete wire inside.




Components of the beam

          A set that is called Socket C transfers load from floor to Socket-B and then Socket-A. They are fixed with both ends of the beam

          A set that transfer the load from the main beam is called Socket-A attached to a side of  main beam is to support the minor beams.


* A set that is to transfer load from beam to column or beam to beam  is called Socket-B.The thickness of the socket is different due to the design.There are 3 sizes
- Socket Mini 9mm.thick
- Socket Standard 12 mm.thick
- Socket 100/15 15 mm.thick.

  • A steel fastener at the end of the floor panel is a  steel dia.6mm. attached at the back of the beam to hold the floor panel.
  • A piece of steel at the back of the beam is for holding bathroom floor, pre-cast stairs or other parts.
  • A supplementary steel CX or J-Bolt is for supporting the column.

  • An opening is dor drainage or pure water.


4. Pre-cast stairs are made to the length of stairs span, mostly are smooth back. The reinforced concrete for the stairs contains more steel to ensure safety when transport, install because it is easily damaged.



5. Pre-cast bathroom floor is the same size of the bathroom with sanitary tubes are installed at the location of the sanitary wares. The floor is made of reinforced concrete with 4 edges to prevent the water to flow away on each side.
6. Standard solid plank pre-cast floor panel is 13 cm.wide,5 cm. thick and not exceed 4.00m.long or weighs 42kg./m.>It is a pre-stressed reinforced concrete. In case the length is more than 2.50 m, a strip of steel must be attached at the side to be welded with another panel to distribute the load.


The completed structure installed according to PD House standard.