Vision, Mission, Values

To enhance home builder business and organization’s standard to be acceptable and well known to public



“We are  provider of home builder service with the same standard which can easily and conveniently accessed by the customers.”


  • We are extremely willing to provide comfort and convenience for our customers.

  • We will take good care of construction procedures and use environmentally friendly materials.

  • We will extend home builder center into 50 branches througout the country


Organization Objective

  1. To ensure the confidence of customers in the organization and develop service in response to customers demand
  2. To build a good quality house and impressed service.
  3. To develop product and service continually.
  4. To develop skills and knowledge of staff.
  5. To becomes the leader in house construction business.

Aims of the working in our organization

  1. Work heartily
  2. Work is a team and use the word “we” not “I”
  3. Everyone including executive personnel must take it easy to deal with customer
  4. The problem of customer must be urgently solved.
  5. Try our best to give good service to customer no matter whether we will lost him.
  6. Everyone in our organization is an important salespersons.
  7. Talk with customer and staff sincerely in every occasion.