Mr. Alan Sedghi and Mrs. Witsanee Kosinam
Model Special

Nature Arounds


         Spending more than ten years of urban life in a condominium with limited living area and a lot of annoying regulations, Mr.Alan had an idea of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city to a more tranquil place close to nature. Though it will take a year to fulfill his dream, the Sedghi family succeeded in starting their new happy life surrounded by the great outdoors.
         Mr. Alan Sedghi and his wife, Mrs. Witsanee Kosinam, told us about their desire to settle down in a new home that, “after more than ten years of condominium living, we feel fed up and tired of urban living. We want to be able to relax upcountry whenever possible, mostly in Pakchong, because the weather is nice and it is not too far from Bangkok. We finally had the idea of building a house so we started looking for land and we were able to buy a property.”

          After acquiring the land, Mr.Alan and Mrs.Witsanee searched for a building company. They looked for companies that specifically used prefabrication structures and finally decided on PD House to construct their home. Mrs.Witsanee explained, “It took quite a long time before we were able to make a decision. We had information from many building companies but we decided to choose PD House because they use prefabrication structures and they also have offices in every region of the country. They showed us pictures of homes they had already built and they provided us with an excellent warranty. So, we chose them.”

         The house design Mrs.Witsanee and Mr.Alan chose is prominent with a mixture of both contemporary and tropical styles, which makes the house look beautiful and harmonizes well with the surrounding nature. The home is airy and offers a mixture of light and wind from the outside that pours through the living areas. This function was designed to perfection. The living area downstairs is divided into an office, living room, dining room, Thai and European kitchen and wine cellar. 
        The upstairs has a private area which contains four bedrooms with private balconies. There is also a long balcony at the rear of the home where a party or small gathering can be held. Or, it can be used as the family relaxing area. The decor is simple with warm colour tones in vintage style. Only a few pieces of furniture are used to provide for a wider living area.
         Mrs.Witsanee also added, “We are very impressed with the house. At first we were concerned with the construction timeline but when the construction progressed quickly we felt relieved and were impressed. The standard materials used and the service provided was perfect.”
         A house is one of the factors that provides added happiness in life. In making a decision for choosing a building company, one must think and consider many factors—background, previous work and reliability. This will guarantee that you will receive a house as expected - like Mr.Alan and Mrs.Witsanee, who are happy and thoroughly enjoy the natural beauty of their new home.

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  • Client : Mr. Alan Sedghi and Mrs. Witsanee Kosinam
  • Model : Special
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Saraburi