9 Outstanding Features of PD House Home Builder Center

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1.More than 200 House Designs According to the Budget



          The house designs with the 5 characteristics (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood) so the house will reflect the mselves and taste of the owners. There are more than 200 designs depends on your needs and budget. The designs can also be modified to meet your needs.
2. Reinforced Concrete Structure Multi-joint Lock System



          Designed by an expert and controlled every step of production from the factory, the structure is stability and strong, longlife and save time for comstruction
3.Energy saving and environmentally friendly


          Besides selected quality materials for every single house, the conservation concept is also applied.The outer part of the building is covered with insulating materials so the energy is saved and the house is environmentally friendly.


          With our management process operated by well trained staff, follow up and report by modern application, we can control the quality of the construction to the same standard throughout the country.
5.Reasonable price

          Because a house is not often built in a life time, long life house should be considered.You can be confident that your money spent for the house is worthy.We use quality materials,control every step of construction and provide 2 years maintenance and 20 years warranty for the structure.
6.Our offices


          We have 30 offices which covers more than 50 provinces all over the country. For your convenience, You can contact any offices near you. Our staff is ready for providing services.
7.Building a house upcountry with no extra cost

          With our service area that cover more than 50 provinces both in Bangkok and upcountry, we can provide you services with no extra cost.
8.Housing loan


          Housing loan service is also provided for your conveniences and saving. (interest rate,inspection fee and others).The customers don’t have to make an advance payment because the bank pays the installment directly to the company.

9.Special service

          Our special services include contacting with government offices, infra - structure offices (water and electricity), calculation for construction cast. The services are provided without charge.