Why you have to choose PD House?

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      Talking about a beautiful house, a house that is the center of the family, a house of love, a house that is the center of happiness of the family etc., everyone has his own definition and the meaning of the definitions vary.So to build a house, one has to be careful and concentrates on every single detail and tries to find the best. Building a house is not easy but not difficult if you have someone to trust and make sure that they can make your dream come true and worth the money you have save for a long time.PD House Home Builder Center is ready to fulfill your dream.We have some reasons to assure your confidence for making decision.

1. Office and Location. We have nearly 30 offices to cover the service area of more than 50 provinces.For your convenience, you can contact any offices convenient to you.This means you don’t have to contact the office in the area where you house will be built.For example, you are working in Bangkok and want to build a house in Chiang Mai, you can contact our Bangkok office and we will coordinate with Chiang Mai office for you and provide enough information for you to make a decision

2. Worthwhile. We have to think for the outcome in the long run.A house is the place we live in for a lifetime.The quality of the materials used should be standardized and reasonable price.The pre and post sales service can save both your time and money.The warranty and maintenance service after the house is handed over can assure you of our standard.

3. Quality of work. We will take you to visit the houses we built and you can talk with our customers to assure your confidence on our service.This can bring into consider for making your decision. You can also see the materials used and our completed work.

4. Varieties of products. We have more than 200 house designs for your choice. The designs reflect 5 characters (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, Wood) the self and taste of the owners and respond to every lifestyle. If no design satisfies you, we can adapt the design to meet your needs.In case you want us to do a new design, our architect will design a new one for you. (The cost of the design is as the standard of Siam Architecture Association.)

5. Experienced staff.  A quality house doesn’t depend only on the construction materials but also the quality of construction crew.This involves salesperson,architect,engineer,construction supervisor,contractor and workers.PD House staff has more than 30 years experiences in home building and ready to provide advice as the professional builder.
6. Standard of our service. Our vision, “We are the provider of the same standard home builder which the customer can access easily and conveniently.” The process and standard of working of the staff is designed and in-service training is regularly held so the staff is always on the same page and can provide service and supervise the construction to the same standard. The standard is checked through modern application on site visit is made periodically by the office manager and construction supervisor.

7. Standard construction materials, energy conservation home. Because we are aware of environment, we choose good materials for your house. We are careful to choose construction materials to suit your budget, your needs and help conserve natural resource and environmentally friendly. We fully pay attention for the exterior materials and insulators to prevent the heat coming into the building, so the house is energy saving and save your electricity bills in the future. You will live in a cool house and save your money,

8. Construction contract. We build every house carefully, follow the principle of good construction and in accordance with the need of the owner and the time specified in the contract. The duration of construction dated from the day the contract is signed. To assure that the construction is on time, we are willing to be fined 0.01 percent of the construction cost if we cannot hand over the house in time specified in the contract.

Duration of construction for prefabrication structure (dated from the day the contract is signed)

9. Reliability & Executive staff. With a foresight and modern vision of the executive staff led by Khun Sitiporn Suwannasut, Khun Pisan Thammawiset, Khun Malee Suwannasut, Khun Somsak Sukwaree and khun Nuran Phosi and their long experience for almost 30 years makes PD House well accepted in home builder business. The company is well known as one of leading companies in the business under the slogan “Build for the Future.”

10. Pre and post sales service. We provide pre and post sales services for the convenience of the customers. For instance, we apply for construction permit, house number, water and electricity for the customers free of charge. We also contact a bank for housing loan on behalf of the customers so you can save time and money. The customers don’t have to make advance payment because the bank will pay directly to the company.

11. Construction system/construction technology. We use the best construction technology called Prefabrication &Multi-joint Lock System for the main structure (column-beam) of the house. The system is designed, controlled by an experienced engineer and manufactured from the factory. The production is concentrated on precision and stability which ensures that every house is string and longevity. It can save time of construction and human labor.

12. Warranty. We are confident in the quality of our work so we can give 20 years warranty for the structure and 2 years for general work for Smart and Platinum Series,1 year warranty for Standard and Exclusive Series.
  • 20 years warranty for the main structure
  • 2 years warranty for general work for Smart, Platinum Series
  • รับประกันคุณภาพทั่วไป 1 ปี สำหรับ วัสดุมาตรฐานรุ่น Standard, Exclusive Series
  • 1 year warranty for general work for Sandard and Exclusive Series
  • 5 years warranty for roof tiles (by the manufacturer)
  • 10 years warranty for rustproof (by the manufacturer)
  • 10 years warranty for laminate floor (by the manufacture)