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03 Oct2017

PD House Expects Economic Recovery in Q4, Plans to Extend Home Builder Franchise

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           Home builder market in the third quarter was still poised because the purchasing power and the econ0my was not recovered. It was found that new entrepreneurs upcountry were not professional. They competed on cutting price. Pd House hopes the total building reaches 250 units and next year the market tends to be better. They plan to extend their business. Recently, Department of Business Development and SME BANK selected PD as one of the twelve Thai franchises that will be supported for business loan by the bank.The provinces good for invest are SamutPrakhan, Prachineburi, Chantaburi, Sakon Nakhon, Chomporn, Surat Thani and Krabi.

           Mr’Sittiporn Suwannasut,CEO of PD House International Co.,Ltd, the owner of PD House Franchise disclosed that the holistic view for home builder market in the third quarter in the country was still poised.The market in Bangkok and perimeter tended to be better but upcountry was poised. The competition in the past nine months was fierce because the purchasing power and the economy was not recovered. Furthermore, new entrepreneurs entered the market especially upcountry—in the central and northeastern region. They are rookies, lack of experience in management in home builder business. The only thing they know is how to access customers via online media or social media. The strategy they used for competition was cutting price, hoping to get sales amount to stand in the business.

           Consumers should study the information of the entrepreneurs thoroughly. Otherwise, they will misunderstand the difference between “Professional” and “Non-professional” builders—in the aspects of stability of the building, quality and craftsmanship, pre and after sales service, reasonable price and law involved in the construction. However, new entrepreneurs enter home builder market benefit consumers because the consumers will have more choices. But home builder business is a dependent business. Until now,no government office is directly responsible for the business so there are both real and fake entrepreneurs. The consumers should be careful before making a decision.

           Mr.Sittiporn  also added that Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce and SME BANK .chose PD House as one of the twelve Thai Franchise Businesses that will be supported banking loan for those invest in the business. The maximum loan amount is 80% of the investment capital. 

           The duration of loan is 7 years and can be guaranteed bu securities or Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG) and the fee for the first four years is exempted..The loan amount is limited for only 7,500 million baht. Those who are interested should submit the application form to the c0mpany to be considered. The provinces open for investment are Samut Prakan, Prachinburi, Chanthaburi, Sakon Nakhon,Chumporn,Surat Thani and Krabi.