Steps for Application

PD House provides opportunity to both outsiders interested in investing or franchisees who want to expand their business. The steps for applying are as follow.



Step 1
Fill in the application form and send to the manager of Franchise Development Division.
Step 2
The company will consider the preliminary qualification of the applicant and arrange a meeting for an interview to evaluate your intention and readiness for the business.
Step 3
If you are recruited, more details will be given to you for thoroughly studied before the contract is signed.   
Step 4
Sign the contract with the representatives or high rank executives of PD House.
Step 5
The company provide a training course for your staff at the training center of PD House and practicum session at one of PD offices.
Step 6
Branch set up and opening
Supporter team will design and give advice for office decoration, purchasing office appliances and coach working procedures for the staff for at least fourteen days in the beginning of the operation.