Khun Chakrapan Bampenkiattkun - Khun Ramita Sakdapetsiri
Model WA-157


PD HOUSE Created a dream House For Chakrapan- Ramita

 “Nowhere is as happy as our own home.” Is a sentence we often hear. This means that home is a mighty healing place but it depends on what do you feel when you enter you home.Some houses make the owner feel restless because there are too many things to be fixed all the time.

KhunCharapanBampenkiattkun and KhunRamita Sakdapetsiri is a couple who wants to build a delight dwelling so they have to recruit the best builder.It took them a long time but they had not found the builder they needed.

One day when they went to Home Builder Fair at Sirikit National Convention Center,they visited PD booth and got a warm welcome from PD staff.

From that day PD staff consistently contacted them. The staff took them to have a look at the sample house. They said that the house  designs were modern.To compare the materials with other builder companies,it could be seen that the materials used by PD HOUSEwere better and up to standard.When searched in the website,we found that the customers of PD HOUSE were well known people so they would find a trustable company to build their houses.

We chose PD HOUSE because we like the modern contemporary house style.The living area with 5 bedrooms is suitable for our family. For the company,we were sure that they would never leave the house unfinished. They also provided us warranty and pre and post sales service.This made KhunRamita impressed PD HOUSE. KhunChakrapan also impressed with the materials used and the background of the company.


The design the couple chose seemed to be to small for a 2 rais plot of land so they widened the narrow area,and modified the kitchen, PD could do all for them.

When everything  was ready,the 7 million house was constructed. KhunChakrapan strictly controlled the materials used and construction schedule.The energy saving materials were excellent.They made the house cool.The artificial materials used to substitute materials from nature were stable-not shank or welled in any types of weather. The idea of using materials to help reduce global warming was great though the price was a little higher,  andit was worthwhile.

By the end of 2009 the house was completed as the couple expected but they had to wait for interior decoration and garden and they could move in in May 2010.They got a new house to be a place to refresh them to step ahead.KhunChakrapan told us that before he acquired the  house there were many things happened to him. “I did many activities with vegetarian house for more than 10 years such as cleared the cemetery or helped those who were needed. To do this was not easy but I did it consecutively because it purified my mind and something good happened to my life. Something that seemed impossible became possible.



Though I got the house from my hard labor but what I did with the vegetarian house effected my commitment. If we thought good,we would get good things.I met KhunRamita at the vegetarian house. I met my mate in a good and holy place so my wife and I eat vegetarian food every year.It makes us feel comfortable.

He construction of the house success because I had a good home builder build my house.KhunCHakrapan told us that many home builder companiescame for his choices but PD won because of consistently followed up and gave good advice. After told us about how he got the house,both concluded that Feng Sui was also important. We invited Feng Sui specialist from the vegetarian house to advise us to locate the house. First we planned to construct a gasoline station on his plot of land but the fuel price fluctuated so we kept the land for the house.

“My ate is to be with PD HOUSE,” KhunChakrapan said merrily. It is believe that he big house amid beautiful garden will render the family happiness and restful after tiring from hard work.


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  • Client : Khun Chakrapan Bampenkiattkun - Khun Ramita Sakdapetsiri
  • Model : WA-157
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Rayong