Khun Khet - Khun Kanittha Uthairat
Model WA-125

House of Pride

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           Because habitat is an important factor in our lives and can fulfill family happiness, therefore we have to mind every single component in our house. Shape and form, function, structure, decoration, even house building service provider, all of these should be considered carefully if we want our house to last a lifetime




           Like Mr. Khett and Mrs. Kanittha, “Uthairat Family”, who have just found new happiness via their new house that is built up from beads of their sweat. Mr. Khett told that they previously lived in a townhouse and had to dealed with insufficiency of car parking and usage area because their jobs that are both insurance agents make them have to meet so many people such as customers, colleagues or even friends very often. So they decided to solve the problems by having a new larger house.
           Mrs. Kanittha added. “Before we built this house we had been interested in a housing development but the price had been too high, so we would rather to built the new one. At that time, we had been searching for the information about house builder company but not yet to choose anyone, until we visited the PD House booth in the housing fair at Prince of Songkla University. The informed us very well so we decided to had them built our house.”
           This house is designed to be contemporary style with complete usability. The downstair is consisting of a study room, a living room and a kitchen with three bedrooms and a storage room upstair, all to fulfill the residential requirements. The decoration is simple, give the priority to airy and movable furniture that can adjust the function of their area if want to.
           Whenever we give our best for something we dream of, nothing can stop us but goal. Like Uthairat family who made dream come true and found their new happiness.


  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Khun Khet - Khun Kanittha Uthairat
  • Model : WA-125
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Hat Yai