Khun Phathon and Khun Atsadaphon Wongwanit
Model F-123

Design For Living

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When requirements meet design, it reflects a modern creation that can perfectly support living. Many people always think it will cost so much to make a design for them. This is not hundred percent true, because there are house builder companies who can customize a their designs to meet your requirements under your budget.

Mr. Pathorn and Mrs. Assadaphorn Wongwanich are a modern family who adjusted their generation gaps harmoniously in their full-function new house. Mr. Pathorn said, “The beginning of this house is when we decided to move out from the big family that lives in an old wooden house. The new house was constructed on a land lot owned by my wife’s mother, the same as an old one. Before we decided to build a new house, me and my wife took so much time to relate our requirements to house models, our budget, usage area and functionalities to make a house that suit for our living perfectly. After we had a dream model, we sought for a house builder company and we found PD House.”


“The reason why we decided to had a house builder company built our house was because in the past time, I had once used the service of my own contractor that made me faced so many inconveniences from the building permit, government office communication to even advance money for contractor. We did not have enough time to deal with all of these because I am working as a plastic forming business owner while my wife is working for the national airline.” Mr. Pathorn still added, “And why we chose PD House was because of their reliable profile, right house model and advices from our friends and network that made us convinced.


The house model that Mr. Pathorn and his family choose is a beautiful one with suitable customized function. The interesting design about this house is that the floor is lifted 1.2 meters from the ground make them can have a storage volume and easy for maintenance. The usage area is 270 square meters divided to three bedrooms and five bathrooms which is the family’s requirement. Graduated in architectural science, Mr. Pathorn have a good knowledge and understanding in using his space, so he divided the downstair area to a reception area, a dining area a kitchen and a multipurpose room that can be adjusted to a bedroom. And the upstair is consisting of a bedroom and a prayer room.

The decoration is designed to be minimal both the furniture and the installation. Most of them are movable furniture that can be easy to clean or rearrange, the built-in is chosen in some area to consume less usage space, but all of them is designed to be easy to access and no hidden to create the feeling of homey.



Mr. Pathorn added, “I am so impressed by this house. I admit that I did not have so much confidence at first but I knew that I had made the right decision after I saw the attention and the capability of the team. One of the important thing is their service, understanding our requirements and advising our unawareness made us so impressed.”

If the definition of “house” is the place that gather the family members together, it will be the right definition for the Wongwanich family because they live their happy lives together in this house today. Even if there are different generations in this house, the design that meet everyone’s need to worth every single square meter make this house has no limitation for their living.

  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Khun Phathon and Khun Atsadaphon Wongwanit
  • Model : F-123
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Navamin-Raminthra