One Day Trip @ Saraburi

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        “Mr.Sukjai” comes back again to lead you to tour Thailand in a simple style.This time I will take you to Saraburi, the gate to the northeast. Saraburi has been an important city since ancient times. It is assumed to have been built in the reign of King Maha Chakkaphat of the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.The area were taken from some parts of Lopburi, Nakhon Ratchasima and Nokhon nayok to form the city of Saraburi. The city then can be connected with the northeast by the Pasak river.  

        Though Saraburi is not a big city compares to the neighboring, it is prominent in its landscape with mountains, plateaus and low  flat plains good for farming.The Pasak river is the main source of the water supplied for agriculture in the province. Natural and cultural tourist attractions make the city one of the interesting destinations for tourists as described in the slogan of the province, “Trail of Buddha, Pa Sak Chollasit Dam, base of industry, the best of agriculture, many attractions to travel, the best of curry puff, good milk, make a merit flower festival, glowing sunflower fields.”

        Saraburi is the base for cement industry and food industry. This brings people from other part of the country come to work and settle down so the needs for residential building is high. The housing development and home builder entrepreneurs came to invest in the city since the past 10 years. The concept of future home and environmentally friendly materials is introduced and well accepted by the consumers. “Mr.Sukjai” will take you to well-known tourist attractions.


  • Wat Tham Sao Khao Kaew.One of the wonderful natures located in the Dhamma practice quarter of Saraburi.Inside the cave, stalagmites and stalactites sprinkle both on the walls and ceiling along the walkway. There is also a Buddha image to be worshiped and a flock of bat can be seen too.
    ( Location: Wat Tham Khao Kaew, Lam Phaya Klang sub-district, Muak Lek district, Saraburi)


  • Wat Phra Puttha Baht Ratcha Woramaha Wihan.  The first class royal temple was built in B.E.2167.The name means” temple of Buddha’s footprint” because it contains natural depression believed to be a footprint of the Buddha. The footprint was found in the region of King Throngtham and he ordered to workers to build a mondop to cover it and was renovated for many times. There is also Phra Putthabaht national museum where antiques were collected and displayed.
    (Location: Wat Phra Puttha Baht Ratcha Woramaha Wihan,Khun Khlon sub district,Phra Putthabaht district,Saraburi)


  • Wat Phraputtha Chai.Another important temple in Saraburi is located on a rocky mountain where the top of the chedis can be seen from far away. It was told that Buddha once came here to teach a hunter named Kataka and he wonderfully left his shadow imprinted on the cliff before he left. The Buddha’s shadow still exists on the cliff until now. The amazing scenery below can be seen from the top.
    (Location : Wat Phraputtha Chai,Pla Lai sub district,Muang district,Saraburi)



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  • Jet Sao Noi waterfall. A small waterfall has a series of seven tiers along a beautiful stream. The shallow pond at the bottom is good for swimming in the hot weather but beware of the accident from strong water flow. The surrounding nature is full with beautiful   shadowy trees.
    (Location: Jet Sao Noi waterfall,Muak Lek sub -district,Muak Lek district,Sarburi)

  • Sunflower field is the most popular attraction during November-December in Sarburi. The blooming sunflowers are on both sides of the road from Saraburi to Lopburi. You will have a nice selfie photo with the flowers to update in the social media.
    (Location : Phathananikom-Wangmuang,saraburi)

Though Sarburi is a small province, it is small but beautiful.”Mr’Sukjai” will come back and lead you to other interesting places. Follow me.