What is PD House Franchise?


To mention home builder franchise, it is a home builder business who expand their business by mean of franchising. PD House International Co., Ltd.is the pioneer in bringing franchise system to use with home builder business in Thailand. The company was supported by Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce to participate in franchise development training program in 2008.Afterwards,the company invited interested and qualified investors to join “PD  House Home Builder center” franchise.
The system was well accepted both by investors and customers. The customers were confident with the quality and standard of the service which the franchisor supporting to the newly open office. The franchisee has to participate in the 200 hours training course before starting their business. There are also in service training courses throughout the duration of the contract. When the new office upcountry is open, specified training course is needed because the problems and working situation in each region varies.
There is also standard assessment because the main aspect of franchise business is “standard. ”To retain the standard, the franchisor has to set up and assess the operation of each office regularly.

PD House Home Builder franchisees were awarded prizes from Department of Business development, Ministry of Commerce as follow:-

  • Prize on Franchise Standard in the year 2009

  • Prize on Excellent Quality Franchise Standard for management in the year 2010

  • Prize on Excellent quality Franchise Standard for entrepreneur in the year 2012


What is the difference between PD House Home Builder Franchise and Other Types of franchise?

PD House Home Builder Franchise differs from other types of franchise because
“House’ is one of four main fundamental factor of human life which has a high value.
“House” is a dream, a pride of the leader and family members.
“House” is the center of happiness and happiness of every family member.

Investors in PD House Home Builder franchise are entrepreneurs who help people to create their dream, pride and happiness for their families. This  will also bring pride to the helpers—the entrepreneurs—who provide services.

“A House” as said above has value for both mind and money. Each unit is worth a million or many millions. Investors in PD House franchise don’t have to sell many units of product or services to get a million baht like many others franchise, only emphasize on the quality of the products, not quantity.

With a different notion and dare to do first and continually develop the business, the home builder group under the brand” PD House” proudly becomes the leader in home builder business. PD House was also well accepted by entrepreneurs in the same and related business and consumers. This help make the investors in PD House franchise well accepted by the consumers.

Strengths of Investing in PD House Home Builder Franchise

PD House has many outstanding aspects which lead to more advantages for competition and success in business. This help PD House franchisees succeed more easily that start new business themselves. The outstanding aspects are as follow.



1. Innovation

Multi-Joint Lock System. Multi-Joint Lock System or MLS is an innovation of prefabrication structure. The column and beam are designed by the engineer of PD House and made by the factory then transported to assemble at the work site. The structure will be precisely assembled, reduce steps of construction, reduce labor force and help make the construction easier.

Home Builder project Management Application. Construction management system on website by modern application can follow every step of construction on smart phone or other type of mobile communication devices. The construction then can be supervised from everywhere, the quality can be controlled. This is the professional company.

2. Variety / Customized

Varieties of house designs are ready to respond for customers’ needs and budget. Customers have a choice to pick a design suit to the size of land and their budget.

In case the customers need any styles other than we have provided, an architect and an engineer will help franchisees to modified the drawing or do a new one for the customers.

3. Brand Royalty

PD House is a leading brand in home builder business in Thailand. We has been in the business for more than 25 years and built more than ten million houses. This can confirm the confidence customers have toward PD House.

The customers who had PD build their houses are happy to recommend their friends and relatives to PD House. They expressed their impression to PD House by giving an interview and published in “Baan Suk Jai”, the magazine for earth and home lover.

4. Alliance

With the operation with integrity to customers and business partners for more than twenty five years and progressive and modern concept of the executive staff, PD House are well accepted by many business partners who are ready to support PD House. They are suppliers. sub- contractors and financial institutions.

“Home Builder Alliance” is an idea to create business successors in home builder business by transferring DNA of PD House via franchise system to bring the business alliance to success under the barnd” PD House.”

5. Products Differentiation

Beautiful and modern designs by staff of architects and engineers under the supervision of experienced executive staff, shapes and forms and functions of every house have identity and reflect the taste of the owner and easily recognized that they were designed by PD House.

All construction materials are from standard manufacturers and construction process is in accordance with standard construction principles so the house built by PD is absolutely different from that of contractors.

6. Guaranteed / After-Sales Services

Because of the theoretically design, qualified materials and strictly supervised construction process, all the house built by PD is strong and long life. To ensure the confidence of the customers, PD House gives 20 years warranty of the structure and 2 years maintenance service.

7. Services / Easy access

Consumers who are interested in building the house with PD House can ask for more information or advice both in Bangkok and perimeter and upcountry from any of PD offices close to their houses or where convenient to them. When the construction starts, the owner can follow each step of construction via website.

From what is said above, investors with PD House franchise don’t have to waste their time with beginning their business by setting zero. They don’t have to learn by trail and error They don’t have to loss the competition as new comers in the market and take many other risks.


Why Invest With PD House Franchise?

Efficiently management through information technology of PD House will help franchisees use It system in management both inside and outside organization which help make the communication safer and more rapid.

PD House has a policy to promote and build brand awareness continuously for more than 25 years and ready to give advice to franchisees in finding strategies and marketing plan and publicize through media.
  • Marketing Department of PD House plan and allocate budget to hold marketing activities to get more market share. Activities are for building organization identity and campaign to provoke decision making of the consumers. Furthermore, Marketing department also holds marketing activities that suit to the context of each office service area.
  • For marketing support, PD develop advertisement and public relation for the benefit of franchisees. PD also gives advice in local market activities for each franchisee and provide sales promotion periodically.

With a different notion and dare to do first and continually develop the business, the home builder group under the brand ”PD House” proudly becomes the leader in home builder business. PD House was also well accepted by entrepreneurs in the same and related business and consumers. This help make the investors in PD House franchise well accepted by the consumers. 

Other advantages of investing investors should consider.

  • Break even in s short time.
  • Reduce the risk of starting new business.
  • Reputation and brand are accountability.
  • Management process is obvious.
  • The business gives pride to both provider and receiver.
  • The business emphasizes more on value and quality than quantity.