Khun Jerry - Khun Patcharee Brindus
Model WA-155

Happiness is not too far in a dream House


Everyone  wants to have a house in their dream but it depends on how much they can afford. You feel happy when you stand in front of your house, looking proudly at it and think that all of these were earned from both of your own hands. You can bravely show the house to all beholders.

This kind of happiness does not happen to everybody. Some experienced a nightmare when looking at their own houses because of bad construction. Sometimes the house is transfer from paradise to hell for the owner because of careless builders. On the contary,  Khun Patcharee and Khun Jerry are happy with their house because they had PD HOUSE, a professional home builder, build their house.Though both spend most of their time working abroad, when they come back to Thailand they can take a full rest in the house they created with their own hands.

When they found a nice plot of land surrounded by green nature, they at once bought it for building their new house. After waiting for a period of time, a big 2 storey house was completed and stood dominantly amid a green grass yard. The brown CPAC MONIA  roof looks clean and harmonizes with external wall color. The green grass yard is also a good background which help make the house more prominent and beautiful. The walk way in front of the house paved with artificial stone looks so harmony like a painting of a great artist.

Around the house are small trees because the shade from the trees is not needed so wherever you walk you can find plumeria and many other flowers. Behind the house is a swimming pool and a field for the family members to exercise. To look at the house with these surrounding atmosphere make you feel happy. This is just the beginning.

When you walk close to the house the hall in the front sat the white piano on the right. Deep in the back is a bedroom for the guest. The second part is a living room and family room and the third part in front of the stairs is a big pearl table for dining. The stairs made from brown teak with beautiful wooden texture. The round wooden rail softens the look of the house. The camel saddle  was decorated at the landing.


Upstairs floor is laminated. The total area are divided into 3 bedrooms, one Buddha room and one living room. On the left is their youngest daughter’s bedroom. The furniture in this room was moved from the old house but can go well with the new house. Next to the daughter’s room is their son’ bedroom. In front of the stairs is the Budhha room and on the right corner is the living area.

The master bedroom is neatly set with not much furniture . This makes the room look airy and best for sleeping. Because the house was created from the intention of the family, so when come back to Thailand, the house always fulfill their happiness.


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  • Client : Khun Jerry - Khun Patcharee Brindus
  • Model : WA-155
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House