Mr. Manop and Mrs. Juthamas Kaewmorakot
Model W-128

Home for the better life

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          We all have a dream. It probably be having a car, a house or anything else, but unfortunately not all of us can make our dreams come true. Dream will never be real if we just dream and wait. Whereas, if we reach our dreams by action, dream will be something can be touched. Like Kaewmorakot family, a group of people who made their dream an area of happiness in real life.


          Mr. Manop and Mrs. Juthamas Kaewmorakot, two leaders of this family are now ready to tell us a tales of this impressive house. “We lived in a condominium in Nakornchaisri in the past. After visited my mom’s house in Sampran, we found a for sale sign board of this land lot. At that time we thought we should bought it and built a house that had more private space and more area for kids, but building a house was not easy so our house had to be done by a trustful professional. Then we started to researched in the internet, we found so many company but PD House information impressed us most, also they had a branch near us,” Said Mr. Manop.


          He chose contemporary style which probably looks simple because its luxurious and suitable function for his family are hidden inside its exterior. The downstairs is consisting of a living area, a study room, a dining area and a kitchen. And there are three bedroom and a praying room upstairs. Every members were participated in the interior decoration by expressed what they wanted then adapted to be harmonious. Mr. Manop added, “I am so impressed by this house. It is such a pride. This house can answer the question “what the house is?” perfectly. We all can sleep soundly, utilize and live together in this house. This house clarify the word “our family” for me.”

          When house is filled by love and relationship of every members, happiness sprouts. And in this house, happiness still grow up every day.
  • Topic : Chaweng Chueawong
  • Photo : Yutthana Singsai
  • Client : Mr. Manop and Mrs. Juthamas Kaewmorakot
  • Model : W-128
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House Nakornpathom