Khun Sujitra -Khun pracha Jitsuttipon
Model ME-799


In a life time, some can own a house within their early ages but others require much more time to be able to afford for a house. Some others have to consistently move from places to places due to their duties or types of work so it takes a long time for these group of people to decide where to settle down permanently.

Khun Sujitra and Khun pracha Jitsuttipon are an example of a couple who cannot decide where to settle down though they have enough money. This is because Khun Pracha is a government officer and has to move to different places all the time so the Jitsuttipon family has to stay in the house provided by the government.

After spent almost half of their life moving from place to place,the Jitsuttipon family decided to build a house and settle down so they looked for a plot of land.

Though they both born in Nakorn Patom,they didn’t want to settle down there a land because they weren’t satisfied with the environment. After looking for a larnd for a period of time,they found a land in Nakorn Ratchasima where   were many satisfactory factors for living and also convenient to go back and forth to and from Bangkok.They then decided to settle down in Nakorn Ratchasima.

After acquiring the land,the next thing they had to do was to find a professional home builder.Because Khun Pracha was a high rank government officer,many people offered a help but he refused their offers.Khun Pracha wanted to be proud of what he had chosen with his own hands.


The Jitsuttipon family had looked for many house designs but none satisfied them.Then a PD HOUSE staff,who was acquainted with Khun Pracha,took him to have a look at a house a Talingchan,Bangkok. Khun Pracha liked the house but there were something needed to be changed such as the column at the middle of the house,the narrow stairs and the easily seen kitchen when entering the house and other minute items.

The needs of Khun Pracha seemed to be big problems,but these were not problems for PD so every item Khun Pracha wanted to change,PD HOUSE responded to all the needs.

“Before I make up my mind,PD staff take me to have a look at many houses. I personally don’t pay much attention to designs but I wanted to look at the real  house. When I find the one I like and want something to be changed,PD can do that though there are as  hundred items.PD response to all my needs.When I work in Kalasin and want some advice,PD sends a staff to take care,” Khun Sujitra said.


Because of this well cared for,when the house was being constructed and many people offered to help with materials and construction,Khun Pracha refused them all and confirmed that he trusted PD to build his house.

“Someone asked me that why didn’t I just paid PD for labor and bought materials myself so they could provide me with many kinds of materials to be used.I told them that I preferred PD to do the entire work.”
For many things that PD could manage,the Jitsuttipon family felt proud of the house especially Khun Pracha who directed many changes inside the house by himself. Throughout the construction,Khun Pracha regularly visited the work site so he felt concerned and love the house too much.

Khun Pracha also directed Feng Sui.He studied Feng Sui via internet and invited Feng Sui specialist to give some advice before the construction was completed so everything was absolutely correct.No changes needed.

At last a 2 storey house Roman style was completed as expected.The house consisted of 5 bedrooms.5 bathrooms and 2 parking on a 138 sq.w.with 554 sq.m. living area.

The concept of this Roman style house is decorated with arch windows and doors with white skirt board on the edges of the house.There are huge tall columns to specify the identity of this style and with this kind of columns the house looks elegant and strong.

The living area which consist of airy living room and dining area and 5 bedrooms are enough for family members and visitors.Everything is as the family expected so if we  want to build another house we will have PD build for us and that will not disappoint us.


The house was completed more than 1 year now and it is the first house of Jitsuttipon,so they are proud of it.

Khun sujitra left the message for those who are going to build the house that they have to discuss with the builder thoroughly at the beginning so there will be no problems follow. The builders build the houses,we live in  so they should follow our ideas as Thai provers said “Build a house according to the needs of a dweller.”


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  • Client : Khun Sujitra -Khun pracha Jitsuttipon
  • Model : ME-799
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  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
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