Khun Sutchai Thongsalap
Model W-128

Accommodation mind


       “No other place could be sweeter than our own home” is a sentence that best expresses the happiness in the house of Khun Sudjai Thongslub and Mr.Alexander Ruben family. After moving from Bangkok to the province of Isaan to start their business together, their lives changed that became envied by many.

      Khun Sudjai Thongsalub and Mr. Alexander Ruben built eternal happiness within this beautiful house. Khun Sudjai told us that,” previously we lived in Bangkok but I wanted to go back to my hometown and start a business in Ubon Ratchathani so we had to set a new plan for our new life. Our first step was to plan to build a new house. We searched for the information of home building companies on the internet, in popular magazines and asked people whom we knew. We finally decided upon PD House because we were impressed with the design and the materials used; especially on the roof of the house. We have heard that the roof is one of the most important parts of any home and PD House gave us a clear picture of the materials to be used. We immediately felt confident in using the company. We visited one of their recent sites in the area and decided on the perfect design for us.”

      Choosing the right design is necessary to ensure the home owner will be happy and content in their new dwelling. Khun Sudjai chose a contemporary style house with the living area of 203 sq.m., consisting of 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The living area downstairs is divided into the living room, a guest bedroom, the kitchen and dining area and laundry room. The upstairs, has a private zone, which also contains the master bedroom, bedroom and Buddha room. The design fully met the owner’s needs.






       For the interior decor, Khun Sudjai, who enjoys this kind of work, made the interior design look tasteful with a prominent and vintage, loft-style layout. The simple yet modern furniture design makes the atmosphere charming and warm.





      “Before the house was built, we were concerned about the outcome and whether it would be up to our expectations. We didn’t know what the outcome of the worker’s craftsmanship would be as we had no previous experience with home construction. We felt relieved with the work they had done. When the house was completed, we were quite impressed. It was as we had expected and more”, Khun Sudjai said.

      Though the house is not very large, but a perfect fit for the needs of Khun Sudjai’s family. Every house has its own identity, so does this one which can reflect the taste of the owners in many aspects. All of these make the home an area of happiness forever.


  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Khun Sutchai Thongsalap
  • Model : W-128
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PDHouse Ubonratchathani