Khun Khomsan - Khun Samniang Khongmani
Model ME-141

The best of Life



The “Kongmanee” family were looking to modify their old home, but decided on a new one instead. Not having any knowledge on the process of home’s construction, they decide on a high-quality builder. Thinking originally to build a medium size house, they decided on a larger home which far exceeded their expectations. This is the story of the “Kongmanee” family who were impressed after they decided to have PD House a professional builder build their house.

       Khun Komsun,  Khun Samneang and their only child lived in a twenty year old one-storey wooden house for years. They originally thought of modifying the house because as their child grew, more ‘private space’ would be required. When they spoke with friends and relatives they were told that modifying the old house would not be a viable solution and recommended they build a new house. 
To build a new house requires a professional builder and takes time. Khun Komsun thought that if he had a local builder build his house, he would face problems such as unfinished and poor quality of work. After searching the internet for information, he could not make a decision until one day he came across a “PD House” sign at a construction site. He took down their phone number and called them, eventually visiting their office and began to look for house designs to suit his family’s needs. After browsing through many options, he made his decision and had them build their home.
Khun Komsun also added  “the reason I chose PD House is because I trusted the company and thought that they would do the exquisite and meticulous work. They also had a construction supervisor that would be on-site. Their contract is clear and specifically states the duration of construction period. This helped make the follow up possible.”





       The home the Kongmanee family decided to build is a two story Contemporary style house. The outstanding features are its shape and airy and luxurious appearance with exterior decorating tiles resembling nature. A large living area of 554 square meters is divided into four bedrooms and five bathrooms. There is a living room, bedroom, dressing room and kitchen on the main level. Upstairs is divided into three bedrooms, a Buddha room, an office and home theatre room. The living areas are all connected for convenience. The decor focuses on functionality instead of luxury so the house looks airy and modest. The majority of the furniture is built in for the sake of beauty and convenience.

       “We were impressed with the construction because they regularly reported to me so we knew how things were progressing. We never imagined that it would be such a big house. It is worth the money. The most important thing is they used high quality materials such as vinyl doors and windows which help insulate from the outside noise. The insulators used also makes the house cool and energy efficient.”


       The decision to use PD House for the “Kongmanee” family describes life at its best for years to come; a perfect home for everyone to enjoy together as a family.


  • Topic : Ekkhanek
  • Photo : Pleyuan
  • Client : Khun Khomsan - Khun Samniang Khongmani
  • Model : ME-141
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PDHouse