Khun Phonhsak and Khun Pennapha Songlamcheak
Model Special

Perfect Home


          A home is a safe zone and endless happiness can be created here in the house. To have a nice, beauty and stability home to be a safe zone for life, one should consider a sophisticated builder. Many people face a problem with their home because they think of the price only when they have their homes built, a professional builder factor is ignored. To have a home that can bring you happiness, a professional builder should be considered.

          Khun Phongsak Songlamcheak and Khun Pennapha Songlamcheak and their children is one of the families that need a home for living and relaxing. They have already had two homes—commercials building where they live and use as places for their business—rice wholesale and retail and animal feeding. They have two shops in Ayudhaya. Their two places are not good for living so they need a new home for residential purpose.

          “Formerly, we had two houses but they are commercial buildings where we live and do business. They are not good places for relaxing. Our children—Phirawit, a son works at  head office, Bangkok Bank and Phicahmon, a daughter is a senior veterinary student—are grown up so we need a new home. Furthermore, a home is an asset and is also a place for all family members to live and share together,” Khun Phongsak said.

         To build a home is not an easy task if we don’t have enough time and information. Khun Pongsak said,” I concern on two points, firstly to build a home is a time consuming process. We have to deal with many authorities and government offices. Secondly, we know nothing about construction. We need to find a builder who is an expert so he can build a house we need. I have dealt with some construction technicians because I once worked at SCG so I knew that the builder will work to please himself, not us. We need the builder that is reliable, skillful, have a good profile. Our land is narrow front so we need a perfect construction crew to work with.”

         Songlamcheak family decided to have PD House build their home because the company has a long time experience and a good profile. They have a reliable construction staff and  good design personnel. They can also help us with landscaping. They provided us advice from the beginning to the end. The design “Songlamcheak” family chose is a design modified from WA-114—a 3 story contemporary style home. The first floor is divided into a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a dining area and 2 bathrooms. The second floor consists of 2 bedrooms, a Buddha room, a storage room and 2 bathrooms. The third floor consists of 2 bedrooms, a hall and a bathroom. The favourite corner of each family member is the place where they can join daily activities together and can look to the nature outside.

          “It is as expected. There is some delay during the time of COVID19 pandemic but the crew keep working. The construction supervisor regularly checks the construction. Very impressed. Everything is perfect, nothing to be fixed. I once worked with a local contractor,many things had to be fixed but nothing with PD House. Every step of construction is checked. The result is beyond expected,”Khun Pennapha said.

         Khun Phongsak also added, ”Everyone involved in building the house from a layout, design, decoration>I am 99.8 % impressed and credited PD House Nawamin-Raminthra office that they built our home as they built for their own. Every problem is solved. Furthermore, they gave the priority on energy saving home. We love ourselves, our family and also our planet earth.”

         The home is a living place for 2 Gen family members so the functionality and design should please the new Gen—the children. Khun Phirawit said,” it is the first house for living and relaxing. We feel warm to live in”. Khun Phichamon also added, ”We first looked at 3D pic. but when the construction completed it was far more better. It looks fresh,lively and provide us more energy to cope with our problems. It is our comfort zone.”
         When we decide to build a home it is not for someone but for every family member. Building a home is not an easy task and it will be with us throughout our lifetime. We are not an expert in home building so we have to look for an expert and skillful builder—a professional building company likes that of “Songlamcheak” family who decided to have PD House build their home
  • Topic : Editor
  • Photo : Editor
  • Client : Khun Phonhsak and Khun Pennapha Songlamcheak
  • Model : Special
  • Award : -
  • Design : PD House International Co.,Ltd.
  • Construction : PD House International Co.,Ltd. By Raminthra